Lou- carsick

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Louis POV.

Me and Harry were going on a road trip today for our anniversary and I was really excited. We haven't done things just by ourselves as a couple in a while so this trip ment a lot to me.

"You all ready to go Lou"

"Yep, if you are"

"Alright let's get going, its gonna be a long ride "

He picked up mine and his bag and carried it to the back of the car. Once he locked up the house he hopped in the car and leaned over to kiss me.

"Here we go babe"


We made it to the first rest stop without any mishaps. I got a coke and a candy bar and Harry got chips. Once we were done we headed back out on the road.

We were about two hours away when my stomach started feeling uneasy.

"Harry how much further"

"About two hours"


Another 30 minutes went by and I was beginning to feel very nauseas. I tried to secretly rub my tummy but nothing was working. I drowned a bottle of water but that didn't help.

"Are we almost there"

"About an hour, you ok?"

"Yea I'm fine"

He kept looking at me all throughout the rest of the ride. We were finally in the town that we were staying in when my stomach did a huge flip and I couldn't hold it in. I felt it coming up my throat but didn't have time to warn Harry. So I ended up spilling my guts in the florr of the car.

I heard Harry curse under his breath and then he pulled over. He helped me out and rubbed my back until I was done.

Once I was finished he helped my into the back seats to where I could lay down. Then we were back on the raid and Harry took the turns a lot less hard.

When we hot there I was just about asleep so Harry carried me up to our hotel room and layed me in the bed while he got all our bags moved up.

Harry's POV.

I didn't know louis was sick, I felt really bad, he should have told me. Once I got all our bags up, I climbed in bed with him and cuddled him all night so he would feel better. I finally fell asleep after making sure he was ok.

The next morning he woke up saying he felt better. But then he started crying.

"Baby what's wrong" I said wiping away his tears with the pad of my thumb.

"I messed up our trip together"

I smiled at him then pulled him into my chest.

"You didn't mess anything up baby, this trip is for me and you, its ok if you get sick as long as were together I'm happy"

"Ok, I love you"

"I love you to"

I kissed his cheek and we ended up having a fantastic anniversary vacation.

Sorry but the suckyness of this chapter lol its not good !!!

Hope y'all enjoy tho!!

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