Harry (request)

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Harry's POV.

I've been feeling terrible ever since I got home from work. Louis was still at the office for another couple of hours. I decided to go lay down so I wouldn't pass out and hurt my self.

I was on my way upstairs when I felt the need to throw up. I raced to the bathroom maybe a little to quickly. When I got there I fell in front of the toilet but was so light-headed that I passed out in front of it. All I remember is I fell into a puddle of vomit.

Louis POV.

I was driving home from work and got a little worried. Harry usually called me around this time to see of I was on my way. Once I got home the house seemed empty. I called out Harry's name a couple of times and didn't hear a response. I got scared and raced up to our room. No one was in there but the bathroom light was on. I rushed in their and gasped at the sight. Harry was laying in the middle of a pile of vomit, passed out. I got really scarred and I called the ambulance. I tried to get harry to wake up bit it didn't work. I decoded to call then boys and tell them. After I called dthem the parametics showed up. I let them take him into the ambulance and I got in after them. On the way there harry started to move around and he almost woke up but didn't. The paremetics explained to me what was wrong.

"Well it seems as though he was sick, and I'm guessing he passed out and hit his head on something to cause it to bleed. Its nothing to serious but he has a concussion"

"Ok, when do you think he'll wake up"



Once we got to the hospital he still haven't woken up and I was scarred, a nurse came over rand talked with me until the boys got there.

Liam came over and sat by me and wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sure he's gonna be fine lou he's strong"

"I know but I'm really worried he didn't wake up yet"

Just then a doctor came out.

"Harry styles"

Me and liam stood up and waked over to him.

"Is he alright"

"He's awake now but I'm afraid he'll have to stay the night."

"Is he going to be ok"

"Yea its not a serious concudsion and he just had the stomach flu, he's still gonna be sick though"

"Ok can I see him'

"Yea right this way"

Me and liam followed the doctor down to a room. When we walked in harry looked up and smiled when he saw me. He had stitches in the side of his head from where he fell but other than that he looked fine.

I rushed over to him and grabbed his hand.

"Hey haz how ya feeling"

"I've been better"

"You have to stay over night"

"I know"

"Do you want me to stay with you"

"If you want to I would love it"

"Ok I will"

After all the boys came and said there goodbyes and get betters they left. Harry was already asleep by this time due to the medication they had him on. I leaned over and kisses his head.

"Goodnight Harry I love you"

He smiled in his sleep then I fell asleep with his hand in mine.

Sorry its been a while I have soccer!!!

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