40: the same mistakes

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Jakob's POV

I placed the steaming mug in front of Adler before pouring some coffee for myself. 

He leaned back against the kitchen counter, taking a sip, "How you feeling?"

I took a sip of my own coffee, matching his eyes.


His mouth twitched, and I continued.

"But I also feel like I might die if I don't do this."

I didn't care that it sounded dramatic; it was the truth.

And Adler of all people couldn't say anything to me because he had waited even less time than me to propose.

He took another sip, "Do you know which ring you're getting?"

I closed my eyes, sighing, "Not a damn clue."

He snickered, looking extra smug because he had gotten easy way out and used Faye's mother's ring to propose.

I gave him a dry look, rolling my eyes.

I knew what Eliana liked, I knew what her style was and what things she owned.

We shared a closet, her jewellery was placed next to my watches and cufflinks.

And yet, I just couldn't seem to get a grasp on what I should buy.

Cost wasn't an issue, but what was I supposed to get for a woman who deserved the entire universe.

It was thoroughly dramatic of me, but I had been this way from the moment I met her

"You know she'd marry you, regardless of the ring?" Adler offered, being helpful for the first time in his life.

I raised my brow, "Did that stop you from making sure that Faye's ring was perfect?"

He smirked, "Checkmate."

Before I could respond, the doorbell rang.

Adler glanced towards the direction of the front door, "Reinforcements?"

I nodded, feeling nervous all over again; putting my mug down, I walked over to door and unlocked it.

I was met with two smiling faces.

"Jakob honey!" Camille was hugging me before I could even say hello.

I greeted her as she reached up to pat my cheek, "Have you been eating? You've been working too hard," she accused, as she always did when she saw me.

"I think he's just nervous," teased Esmé, giving me a hug.

Camille's smile widened and she looked elated, "Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this Jake," she sounded truly grateful, and the tips of my ears turned red.

"Of course, thank you," I managed to get out, not knowing if I would ever get used to having this family in my life, no matter how close we had gotten.

I led the two of them to the kitchen, and Adler straightened up as we entered.

He greeted the two of them, and Camille gave him a warm smile, "How are you? How's Faye? And the baby?"

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