15: dinner with friends

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Callan's POV

I finished braiding my hair, my arms aching from the effort.

I winced, stretching my sore arms out before I put on some more deodorant and smoothed down my outfit.

I had on some mauve workout tights with an oversized, long-sleeved, black crewneck.

I tucked my necklace into my top and flopped back onto my bed; Prince immediately perked up from his spot on top of the comforter and moved over to lay his head in my lap.

I smiled at my furriest friend, and recently, closest confidant, "Hi sweet boy," I scratched behind his ears, picking up my phone.

I replied to Althea, who had let me know that she would be here soon. I also sent out a few work emails and invoices.

I hadn't left Aunt Devon's apartment for about a week, and trying to keep up with all my work responsibilities from home was difficult.

The only silver lining during this time had been the fact that I had found a place that I really liked to set up a new shop.

It had a larger warehouse and was in a more bustling part of the city, so it was a perfect fit.

I wanted to go see it in person, but ever since the last letter demanding money, I had been instructed to stay inside and await further instructions.

I sighed, locking my phone and placing it haphazardly on top of the bed.

"You tired Prince?" I whispered, smiling at how adorable he was.

I was so beyond thankful for his company; especially when I woke up with nightmares in the middle of the night.

"Do you want-" my words were cut off when my phone buzzed.

My heart beat faster and I scrambled to open the message.

Elijah: I'll pick you up at 6 tonight. Good luck today.

I stared at the message for about five minutes before I finally replied, letting him know that that was fine, and that I'd see him soon.

I'd see him soon.

I lay back down, grabbing a pillow and placing it on my face.

And then I screamed.

The pillow muffled my screams, but Prince started barking, trying to get the pillow off of my face.

I sat back up, laughing at his actions.

"Mama's just being dramatic, Prince," I let out between peals of laughter.

Sebastien had trained him way too well.

I pet his head, standing up and smoothing down my hair.

I was glad that Althea was picking me up and taking me for a self-defence lesson; it would give me a distraction.

It would help me to not think about him.


I hadn't seen him since we received the last letter in his office. He had dropped me back at Aunt Devon's and let me know that he would be in touch.

He told me to be careful, and that if I needed anything, I should reach out.

I hadn't seen him after that.

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