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T H I R T Y - S I X

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Callan's POV

"Can I please get a water, no ice?" I asked the server, "And an iced vanilla latté?"

They nodded, jotting it down.

"I'll do a strawberry soda, thank you," Selina smiled, "And we'll wait a little bit to order!"

The server repeated our drinks back to us, before walking off to grab them.

Selina fluffed out her hair, sitting back in her seat.

I grinned, "Did I wear you out?"

She laughed, "Maybe just a little," she played along before shaking her head amusedly, "No actually I'm loving all the work. It feels so good to be back."

I had wanted to hire her after half a conversation, but I had held myself back, making sure she went through the entire interviewing process with myself, Devon and HR.

As expected, she had done wonderfully in every interview, and it had been a little over a week since she had started working with me.

She was smart, calm and approachable and had the experience; I couldn't have asked for a better person to be managing the new store and all my employees.

The past little while had been spent on training her with the systems, the website, introducing her to the team and prepping the shop up for the opening.

My heart practically skipped a beat every time that I remembered that the store was opening at the end of this week.

"I can't b-believe how much we got done today," I remarked, "Thank you for not letting me procrastinate."

Her eyes twinkled, "That is what you hired me for isn't it?" she laughed, "No but honestly, the store looks even more stunning now that all the large furniture is in."

I nodded in agreement, "All of the pieces look so great, I'm glad I don't have to make any last minute substitutions."

Now that all of the shelving, racks and larger furniture were in, the layout of the store had come together.

It also meant that I could get all my security and cash systems installed.

I had gotten the call in the morning that a team would drop by later in the day to set up all the cameras and security systems; it had been a surprise when the tech genius himself had walked in with his team.

I had left the store in Jerryl's capable hands so that he could do this thing while the two of us grabbed lunch.

"I am still a little worried about there not being enough colour," I bit my lip apprehensively.

Selina thought about it for a second, "I think it fits the overall theme better, your stuff is not flashy and you go for neutral colours in your designs so the colour story of the store makes sense," she paused, "There's enough spaces on top of some of the furniture pieces for us to add flower arrangements every other week for a pop of colour," she suggested.

I brightened, "I w-was thinking dried florals but I like the idea of fresh flowers even better," I exclaimed, and then my smile widened as I looked out of the window of the café.

I looked back at Selina, "And I think our flower expert is walking in, right on cue."

Selina grinned, turning around in her seat to watch Faye enter the restaurant.

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