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Mafia Brothers and Me by IdiotHarryPotterNerd
Mafia Brothers and Meby IDK
After the tragic death of Valentina Russo's mother, she is shipped of from her home in Australia to California to live with her newly discovered brothers. From the outsi...
The Mechanic & The CEO by country_love17
The Mechanic & The CEOby MacKenzie Waddell
Rude, arrogant, cold. Three word to describe James Parker, the soon-to-be CEO of Parker Resorts and Hotels. Mason Prescott is kind, quiet, and reserved with a little bit...
The Loki System by RenMeng
The Loki Systemby Author-San
The Wicked Villain System is desperately in search of a host. In comes this sleepy looking guy who doesn't know how he died. Mot Doltishend is a mechanic. He's the slee...
legendary mechanic by joelmerrick
legendary mechanicby joel merrick
What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love? What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC - you have...
The Street Racer and the Alpha by Flaggy2
The Street Racer and the Alphaby Kiley Piatchek
Alice is a werewolf, but when most of her pack was destroyed she was raised by humans that were friends with her parents. She is a street racer and used to be a street f...
Coffee & Fix by ziyadpg
Coffee & Fixby Ziyadatullah
[ 1st Chapter - 22/7, 11:47 pm ] [ 2nd Chapter - 1/8, 4:43 am] [ 3rd Chapter - 14/8 2:27 pm ] [ 4th Chapter - 3/9 2:36 am ] [ 5th Chapter - 16/10 11:49 pm ] { The story...
lost in space | don west ✔️ by xmencellent
lost in space | don west ✔️by sporadic updates
Lena Harlow became a criminal the minute she entered space. Aboard the Resolute, she flashes forged papers and fake I.D. that identify her as an astronomer, someone whos...
Forbidden | P.W by Kaymarina
Forbidden | P.Wby Kay Marina
Join the journey of 27 year old Karina Romans secret relationship with the famous gorgeous actor Paul Walker who is 20 years her senior. Will things work out or will the...
Omen Of Death | Raven Reyes by wellidontexistbyeee
Omen Of Death | Raven Reyesby imverygayyyyy
It was normal, everything was fine. Until that thing fell. Bought death to our people. But why did i fall in love with her! Raven Reyes x oc
Wrong Number by ZanyT89
Wrong Numberby T. Campbell
|| highest rank - #1 in Racecar #1 in Ireland (Oct'20) || One wrong number.. two strangers.. Friendships... Relationships... Cars.. ...and...
Poison Sumac | Monty Green by silentwishing
Poison Sumac | Monty Greenby rachel
Amery is not supposed to be on the dropship. She isn't one of the hundred delinquents being sent down to a radiation-soaked planet. She's just a Zero-G mechanic making...
Forever - The 100 by GuutZosix
Forever - The 100by GuutZosix
Czy zastanawiałeś się kiedyś jak to jest móc być kowalem własnego...snu? Trafiłam do istnej pętli i nie rozróżniam już co jest fikcją, a co rzeczywistością. Nazywam się...
𝙉𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙉𝘼𝙈𝙀𝙎, l. skywalker | rewrite up by lmsweeney
REWRITE: 'BORN TO GAZE INTO NIGHT SKIES' UP ON MY ACCOUNT 𝙉𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙉𝘼𝙈𝙀𝙎 | ❛ i'm going to kill han solo ❜ in which a young mechanic decides shes got a thing for id...
Gay Ass Groupchat ∆ The 100 AU by shxdowz
Gay Ass Groupchat ∆ The 100 AUby Deputy Cabello
this is gay af everybody is gay maybe most likely it has clexa be happy wtf slow updates sorry •cover by @AllysusAndAllysin - inspired by @-voidallison
Loving You ✓ by MiLex__
Loving You ✓by Mia
Kim Jisoo is a funny, cheerful and mostly positive mechanic. She works in her dad's garage alongside Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung. Chaeyoung Park, aka Rosé, is a rich gir...
Gears and Steam by Atlas_Everstar
Gears and Steamby Atlas
Emotions are too fragile. Bonds are too easy to break. Car racing is illegal in London, meaning, of course, that it's still done anyway. Gears and Steam, a small team o...
Cowboy Mechanic{Cowboy Protector 2} by CrazyBookworm1997
Cowboy Mechanic{Cowboy Protector 2}by Eliza Paige
Mara is happy she is getting to know her daughter, until someone runs her off the road. Waking up in the hospital she is confused but soon realizes her past is coming ba...
Miss Pen by iRunOnDunkin
Miss Penby iRunOnDunkin
It was simple. All she had to do was sit, interview, and make notes. That’s why her boss left her in charge. Nothing could go wrong. But when the last interviewee stumbl...
The Mechanic. - Genshin impact x Gender-Bender!Reader by FakeMikari
The Mechanic. - Genshin impact x •𝑲𝒂𝒛𝒖𝒉𝒂•
‖▶Description Mentioned◀‖ You were just an old student in the Royale Academy. 4 students was transferred in your school. you weren't very interested to how what they loo...
The Mechanic and the Witch- Leo x Calypso by Peregrine_Took
The Mechanic and the Witch- Leo Peregrin Took
When Leo Valdez died (the first time) it was the best decision of his life. You are skeptical, I see. A better decision than opening up Bunker nine, you ask? Yes. Better...