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Alpha by llday_dreamerll
Alphaby llday_dreamerll
They say that when he is near you can't breathe because of the suffocating power he emits. They say when you are in his presence you fall to your knees because of the i...
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The Loki System by RenMeng
The Loki Systemby Author-San
The Wicked Villain System is desperately in search of a host. In comes this sleepy looking guy who doesn't know how he died. Mot Doltishend is a mechanic. He's the slee...
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The mechanic and his doctor [BaiYu - ZhuYiLong Fanfiction] by TakTonghum
The mechanic and his doctor [ LostWanderer
If Bai Yu and Zhu YiLong are not actors......... This is a story of a mechanical engineering student, Bai Yu, and medical student, Zhu YiLong. Beginning from friends unt...
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Forever Loving You (Hayden/You) by trueloveneverdies42
Forever Loving You (Hayden/You)by TheOneAndOnly -H
Hayden Panetierre grew up on the upper westside of town. She is the school 'it girl," and head cheerleader for the football team. Her father owns his own car dealer...
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Street Racer by kitkat718
Street Racerby Hann
Luna Lake is a rebellious teenager. Her brother is a police officer, and she's constantly sheltered and cooped up, hidden from the world. At least, that's what her famil...
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The Mechanic by flair237
The Mechanicby IWriteJemiNotTragedies
I belonged to another man. I was in the home of another man. I was in the bedroom of another man. And yet, there I was, my lips pressed to someone else.
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Speed Racer by xowritergirl14xo
Speed Racerby xowritergirl14xo
Cars. That's what Viktoria loves. Ever since she was a little girl, her grease monkey father taught her everything he knew. But then, one day, Viktoria's father gets sho...
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Complex Robotics by QueenOfTheSilver98
Complex Roboticsby Cam
Charlie loves being a mechanic. It was literally in her blood. Taught by her father, she was prepared to take the most beat-up, rusty, twisted up car and turn it into pe...
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Cowboy Mechanic{Cowboy Protector 2} by worldreader18
Cowboy Mechanic{Cowboy Protector 2}by Lizzy Paige
Mara is happy she is getting to know her daughter, until someone runs her off the road. Waking up in the hospital she is confused but soon realizes her past is coming ba...
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Driving forward. by Guinealove2005
Driving Guinealove2005
This is the story of a 18 year old female mechanic named coralline, It's her last day of work before she enlists in the Us army, When she meets two men that she didn't k...
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Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU) by avengerofyourheart
Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU)by avengerofyourheart
Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic ha...
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Gasolina - Klance Mechanic/Racer AU by thereallesbianauthor
Gasolina - Klance Mechanic/Racer AUby the lesbian author
WARNINGS: Strong language, violence, sexual reference. This is a M/M fic. - GASOLINA 2 IS COMING!!! - Lance is a mechanic, working at the Castle Garage. Keith is a tatto...
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Garage Girl by _no_name_12345
Garage Girlby _no_name_12345
Maddox is a bad boy, garage mechanic, with a twisted past. Peyton is a nerdy, secret garage mechanic, with a twisted past. What happens when they get married for a class...
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Cyber Heart  |JJK Fanfiction| by Suga__Fox
Cyber Heart |JJK Fanfiction|by 。⋆ 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝓊 ⋆。
" do you feel about humans?" Jungkook looked up at me with his mechanic blue eyes and stroked my cheek, his fingers tenderly brushing against my skin...
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Car Problems by thatwriterlady
Car Problemsby thatwriterlady
Cas is lazy about maintaining his car. As long as it runs, he ignores all of its problems, but the check oil light is coming on and the car is making weird noises, so he...
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Here For You~ Oscar Diaz by WeedOverDose
Here For You~ Oscar Diazby Honey and Milk
After all this time, he was still Here. Even if everyone else left, that you had cared For. He always stayed. Whatever it be, he was there for You. A bit of a Shameless...
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Miss Pen by iRunOnDunkin
Miss Penby iRunOnDunkin
It was simple. All she had to do was sit, interview, and make notes. That’s why her boss left her in charge. Nothing could go wrong. But when the last interviewee stumbl...
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𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊 𝐕𝐈𝐈 -- MARVEL -- LOKI by redwings_birdss
𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊 𝐕𝐈𝐈 -- redwings_birdss
"You aren't coming near her, Reindeer Games." "But I have to." "Tell me, why would I let you close to my daughter?" "Because I love he...
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N Sane Coco Bandicoot x Male Reader - Is It Really Love?  by YandereStation
N Sane Coco Bandicoot x Male TeeksYandereLove
Coco Bandicoot....You've always thought she was so kind and almost too sweet. During your journey with crash and the gang, you've never seen her show a hint of Anger, to...
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The Reformed Bad Girl by dark_beautyx
The Reformed Bad Girlby Tori Leigh
Savannah Edwards was a good girl before she became friends with Aiden Williams. She got good grades and was always trying to please her parents. Parties, races and nigh...
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