37: it comes in pairs

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T H I R T Y - S E V E N

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Callan's POV

"You sure you'll be alright?" Selina worried.

I nodded, smiling at her concern, "I'm almost done everything, just fifteen more minutes," I shrugged, "Besides, Jakob should be here soon!"

She looked hesitant, but finally nodded, buttoning up her coat and grabbing her bag.

I walked her to the back door, "Let me know if you need a-anything, and I hope Lucia feels better!"

The two of us had stayed back to finish up a late inventory after the first week of sales; the night had run a little later than I hoped, and Selina got a call from Oscar saying that he needed to leave for a surgery and that their daughter wasn't feeling too well.

I didn't have much else to do, so I had no problem in letting her go.

She smiled gratefully; giving me a hug, "Please message me when you get home!"

She waved as she sat down in her car, and I waited until she had left the parking lot before locking up the back door and making sure the security system was armed.

I turned off all the lights in the back, stopping by the doors that led to the warehouse.

A smile formed on my face as pride surged through me.

Though it was a little daunting at how low stock was after only a week and a half of opening, it was also incredibly wonderful at how much people had liked the new stuff.

The new location had attracted more customers, and we were able to take on so many more online orders because of the large space in the back.

Though I now had to hire more employees and keep up with getting more stuff made, I wouldn't change all the extra work for the world.

With one last look, I made sure everything was cleaned and locked down the doors to the warehouse.

Walking into the break room, I shut off all the lights, before grabbing stuff from my office and walking to the front.

Pulling out my phone, I messaged Elijah, letting him know I was ready to go whenever he was done.

My car was at his garage getting an oil change; I didn't really mind it, carpooling with Elijah meant more time with Elijah.

And there truly wasn't anything better than that.

He messaged back almost immediately, letting me know he'd be here soon.

I glanced outside, noting how dark it had gotten; the day had been cloudy as it was, so when the sun set, it was incredibly dark out, despite it not being that late.

It was slightly unnerving being at the store this late all alone.

We usually closed earlier, and tonight had been an exception in not only how late it was, but also in the fact that I was alone.

So it was definitely a new experience.

I shook myself out of it, knowing I was going to psych myself out.

The security systems were armed, and I was completely fine.

I went back to work, making sure all the registers were closed and all the cash was in the deposit boxes.

I uncapped my water bottle, waiting for contracts to import from the work computer to my personal one.

A chill passed through me, making the hair on my arms raise.

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