27: starting line

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T W E N T Y - S E V E N

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Callan's POV

Reapplying my lip gloss one final time, I fluffed out my hair and turned to look at myself in the mirror.

I tucked my brown ribbed shirt into my tan pants, making sure they were buttoned properly before I threw on a matching, long blazer.

I scratched behind Prince's ears, clipping on his leash and grabbing all the papers I needed. Putting them into my bag, I picked up my phone just as the doorbell rang.

Trying not to squeal out loud, I took a deep breath and walked over to the door. Only almost tripping once, I made it to the door and flung it open.


I watched his eyes widen and he stood up straighter.

His eyes flitted down for just a second before they were on mine again.

"H-Hi," I whispered, feeling shy despite the fact that I had just seen him a few hours ago after spending the night with him.

I moved aside so that he could come inside my apartment.

I turned around, unable to cope with his dark eyes on me, "I just have to go get my stuff-"

I couldn't finish my sentence; his fingers wrapped around my wrist and he turned me around to face him.

His free hand came to rest on my waist.

His eyes surveyed my face, stopping at my lips.

I swallowed, "Elijah..." my voice was unbelievably quiet again.

His eyes shot back to mine and I moved even closer, my hands grabbing the front of his black suit jacket.

We stayed quiet, still, despite knowing that the other person wanted the same thing.

Ever so slowly, my hands cupped his face, and when he opened his mouth, I simply whispered, "Yes," before he could say anything.

Not even a heartbeat passed after he heard me and his lips were on mine.

I practically melted into a puddle, and probably would have fallen onto the floor if it weren't for his tight grip on me.

I sighed against his lips, my body shaking as we pulled away.

I looked into his eyes, my cheeks warm, "Hi."

The corner of his mouth quirked up and he placed a soft kiss on my hairline, "Hi."

I couldn't hold back the silly smile that grew on my face. Linking his hand with mine, I walked us further into the apartment, until we stopped by the kitchen counter.

"I'm almost ready, just have to grab some things," I told him, "Do you want a coffee?"

He shook his head, "How was your morning?"

I paused, turning around to glance at him.

It was like he knew that I had spent the morning panicking at every turn.

I had tried to busy myself with cleaning, picking out clothes, spending a horrendously long time shaving my entire body, and yet, my nerves had almost made me keel over.

"It was...."

He raised a brow and I gave him a weak smile, "I-I'm nervous."

His eyes softened and he stepped closer, his hands cupping my face and tilting it up.

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