33: friday afternoon

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T H I R T Y - T H R E E

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Callan's POV

Patting my face dry, I applied some moisturizer on my skin before fixing my hair as much as possible.

There was something in the air at work that always made it completely unruly.

Cleaning up the bathroom counter, I walked back into the room, greeted by the most beautiful sight in the world.

Elijah sat on the edge of his bed, fixing Prince's collar.

I was a lucky girl.

They noticed me at the same time, their heads turning to look at me.

Prince barked, practically hopping over to me. I giggled, taking a seat on the floor of the bedroom just in time for him to jump into my arms.

"Hi sweet boy," I cooed, "Did you miss me?"

He had spent the day with Elijah at his office because they were doing a training day.

Meanwhile I had been in meetings all day.

I assumed that Prince would be happier running around with Elijah and the team than he would have been sitting with me at meetings.

"Did you have fun with Jake?" I asked, giving him a belly rub.

He barked loudly and I glanced up at Elijah, my face teasing.

"Five star reviews only," I joked, "You're an enigma."

I gave Prince one more scratch before standing up and making my way over to the other man that had my heart.

"Did you miss me?" I asked coyly.

He sat up straighter, opening his arms; I walked into them, standing in between his legs. He buried his head into my stomach, and I held on tightly.

He pulled away slightly to look up at me and my eyes softened at how tired he seemed.

"I missed you baby."

The tips of his ears reddened and he averted his gaze.

I laughed at how endearing he was, and he retaliated by pulling me into his lap so that I was straddling him.

"Oh you missed me this much?" is what I said out loud.

On the inside however, I was practically screeching like monkey.

He was going to kill me.

Instead of answering me, he closed the remaining distance between us and caught my lips in a kiss.

A kiss that left me completely breathless.

His kisses were always gentle at first, and then, as though a switch flipped, they became more demanding.

As though he was showing me how much he missed me without saying a single word.

My hands cupped his face, his fingers tightening on my hips. His lips were soft, his cheeks rough with the stubbly facial hair.

My tongue swiped across his bottom lip, something I knew he enjoyed because of the strained sound he made every time I did it.

And like clockwork, the low sound that was almost animalistic sounded out from the back of his throat.

Heat pooled in my stomach, and our kiss only became more heated, his lips practically bruising, his hands trailing lower.

I was going to throw up.

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