5: her name

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Callan's POV

"Faster! Faster! Yes! Yes!"

My chest heaved as I thrusted my hips down and held them in that position, letting out a groan.

"Almost there!"

I let out a louder groan, feeling my whole body tense up as I scrunched my eyes shut.

"Two more minutes!"

"Two?!" I screamed; huffing I stood up straight, grabbing the remote and turned my TV off.

"We're done. We're done, that's enough exercising for today," I muttered, my chest still gasping for air.

The face of the smiling girl in the video disappeared into the darkness as the TV powered off. She had somehow not gotten any sweat on her and managed to smile throughout the entire workout.

There was no way that was real.

She was an alien.

I flopped back down onto my yoga mat, closing my eyes as my body ached.

"Do I look ripped yet, Sush?" I asked loudly.

She didn't reply.

Good thing she didn't, I probably would've gone into shock if she did.

I didn't really have time to workout often and going to the gym made me feel anxious, but once in a while, I got super motivated to get a six-pack for some reason.

I stretched my body and then folded up my yoga mat, fixing up my living room slightly.

Taking a sip of water, I walked to stand in front of Sushi, posing slightly and sticking my, rather large, butt out.

"Does my butt look good, Sush?" I asked, holding the pose in front of her.

She swam away.

"Well then," I muttered, slightly affronted.

My phone rang out with a notification and I walked away from my rude fish to grab it. Unlocking it, I sent a reply back to Erin, Frank's girlfriend, who was letting me know that they would be here in a bit.

I was meant to go out to breakfast with them this morning but ended up having a meeting, so they decided to drop by instead.

I clicked onto the next message:

Jerry Diallo: Hi Ms. Callan, we'll be over in about two hours! (:

I replied to Jerryl and quickly rushed towards my bathroom to shower and get ready.

It had been a couple of days since they checked out my shop and I received the message in the window. In those few days, Jerryl and his team had come in to set up the new security system. I had also briefed my employees about the situation, without divulging too much information.

I wanted to be completely transparent to them, without worrying them too much. My employees, consisting of Amari, Suvi, Laili, Anika and Megan, were all told that there was a new security system, as well as some security that would be stationed across the street at all times because of a threat to me.

I had also told them that Zion and Jerryl were part of company that wanted to invest into my business; that was the cover I had been told to use.

I still hadn't told my parents or brother yet, but I was working up to that; I knew I had to tell them soon, but I wanted to get an estimate of how long it would take for them to track the person responsible.

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