bonus: a celebration

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"Those tables can go over there please!" Eliana looked down at her clipboard, trying to keep track of everything.

"Yes ma'am," saluted Sebastien, holding a folded table with one hand.

"Less talking, more working Seb," Odin piped up, a table under his arm as well, "Or else we'll have to face her wrath."

Eliana rolled her eyes, unable to hide her smile as the two of them walked off.

It was a beautiful, sunny day; the temperature was perfect, not too warm with a small breeze that carried through the large garden.

It was truly the perfect day for Amelie's birthday party.

And just like she did every year, Eliana had plans on celebrating it to the fullest extent.

It had become a running joke in her family, that she would go bankrupt throwing these elaborate parties for her niece.

But she didn't care.

She had the money and she would spend it spoiling her niece till she no longer could.

And though there was no reason that a child needed parties this elaborate, if it brought even half a smile onto Amelie's face, Eliana would be elated.

She glanced down at the guest list again, making sure that the amount of tables and chairs would be enough.

Amelie had a handful of friends, from her school, her old nursery, her karate class and other extracurricular activities.

But because she had the biggest heart, she always wanted to invite everyone from her classes, because she didn't want anyone to feel left out.

Her parents and grandparents also had a lot of friends and acquaintances that always joined in on the celebration.

And this year, Eliana had invited some people from her newfound life as well.

Elijah's friends and family would be making the trip down to Eliana's childhood home to celebrate her niece's birthday.

And with all that in mind, Eliana wanted to make sure she had more than enough space available.

"These chairs go over there, Ms. Cal?" it was Zion's voice that made her look up from the clipboard again.

She nodded, opening her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by a dramatic groan.

"Ms. Cal my arms can't take it, please assign me a better job," Jerryl held onto a stack of chairs, "Preferably inside, so there's AC," he fluttered his eyelashes.

Tai, who was right behind him was able to manoeuvre the chairs he was holding into one arm, so that he could use the other one to flick Jerryl on the side.

Eliana stifled a smile, "Sorry Jerryl, this is the last of them I swear."

He sighed dramatically again, "Fine, but only because its you, I wouldn't work this hard for anyone else."

"Yeah yeah, we all know how much of a hard worker you are," Karter rolled his eyes, ushering them all to where the chairs were meant to go.

When Eliana had started planning the party, she knew exactly whom she had to call; she would be using the same decorators, the same caterers, the same cleaners, the same dessert makers, and the same set-up crew that she had used for her events for the last few years.

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