14: one step ahead

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Jakob's POV

I caught my reflection in the mirror; my hand rubbed at my chest when my eyes flitted down to the scars on my chest.

I turned away, picking up the grey sweater and sliding it over my head. The soft material enveloped my skin, making that ache in my chest lessen.

It was odd really, how just the mere thought of the fact that she had designed this shirt made it that much more comforting for me.


She was my last thought before bed, and the first one when I woke up.

I wasn't one to lie to myself; I knew that this wasn't because she was a job.

I had tried to convince myself that I could focus on everything by framing all of this as a job.

But I was a grown man.

It would be stupid to lie to myself.

It would also be a crime to call her a job.

She was so much more than that.

Eliana was so much more important than that.

I shook my head; it really was astounding how I couldn't seem to control my thoughts anymore.

I had to get it together.

For her sake.

I needed all of this to be over.

I slid my watch onto my wrist, closing the clasp as I walked down the stairs. Tucking my chain into my shirt, I rounded the corner and walked into my kitchen.

I was met with the sight of Sebastien shirtless, wearing an apron and dancing to a song that was playing on his phone.

"Good morning Jakey," he grinned when he saw me, flipping something in the pan.

"Put on a shirt," I muttered, going over to the sink and getting a glass of water.

"Just say you're jealous of my hot body and go," he replied, flipping me off.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a mug to drink some coffee in.

I looked at the dishes in my sink, knowing damn well that my house was always clean to the point that it looked as though no one lived there.

"Sorry I wanted a midnight snack," he said, and then paused, "You're going to need to go grocery shopping."

I gave him a dry look, pouring some coffee in the mug.

"Made you breakfast, Jake," he said, grabbing a plate, and then winking at me, "Your favourite."

I rolled my eyes as he slid a plate of French toast in front of me.

"The food of your people," he snickered, as though it was the funniest joke in the world.

I smacked him upside the head.

"You're such a monster Jakob," he said, giving me a side-eye.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing us utensils.

We sat down on the barstools on the kitchen island, the morning sun casting a glow over the quiet house.

We ate in silence for a few minutes before Seb opened his mouth.

"On a scale of one to ten, how jealous are you of the fact that Prince gets affection from Ms. Callan 24/7 now?"

I took a slow sip of my coffee, ignoring him completely.

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