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It was Eliana who roused from sleep first the next morning. The sun was shining outside, the rays impeded by the curtains that were in front of the windows.

She felt the steady heartbeat under her cheek, and it was all she needed to remind her of last night.

Not that she could ever forget.

She would have squealed had she not been afraid of waking Elijah up.

As carefully as she could, she got out of his arms, regretting it almost immediately.

She looked down at his peaceful sleeping face; the beautiful rigid lines relaxed, deep in slumber.

He looked like an angel.

She had that urge to squeal again, this time out of disbelief that she was with him.

That he was with her.

Fist-fighting the feelings of wanting to kiss his face a million times over, she got out of bed slowly.

It felt as though she was learning to walk for the first time, practically waddling as she finally felt how sore her body was; she tried not to think too much about the reason why some parts were sore.

Quietly walking to the guest bathroom, to avoid waking him up, her eyes widened when she caught sight of the remnants of the bruising kisses he had left on her last night.

She walked closer to the bathroom mirror, her neck flushed as the trail of kisses disappeared into the soft shirt he had put on her after he cleaned her up last night.

His shirt of course.

She straightened her shoulders, telling herself to get it together as she brushed her teeth and snuck downstairs quietly.

Though her body protested, and she would have loved nothing more than to sleep in his arms for the rest of the day, it was Elijah's birthday.

And she wanted to wake him up with a celebration.

Not that they hadn't done a lot of celebrating last night already.


In bed.

She groaned at her thoughts, feeling positively delirious with happiness.

Making quick work of brushing her teeth and cleaning up the drool crusted on her face, she slipped on some thick socks, choosing to forego pants, and stick with the long t-shirt comfy underwear combo, she went downstairs.

She peeked into their room, making sure he was still sound asleep.

She needed to hurry; she didn't want him to wake up alone in bed.

Stepping off the last stair, she was greeted by the sleepy puppy.

"Hi sweet boy," she gave him a kiss on the head, and then narrowed her eyes, "You didn't hear anything last night right?"

He barked and she let out a sigh of relief, "Good because...nothing happened," she clarified, not wanting to taint the puppy's ears.

She was a little bit surprised that he hadn't broken into the room last night, because from what she recalled:

She had been loud.

Shut up Callan.

Snapping out of it again, she made her to way to the kitchen; pouring out Prince's food and filling up his water bowl, she gave him a head scratch, "Eat up, then we have to go surprise daddy."

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