30 - Epilogue

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This is the last chapter of the book! I hope you enjoy the last few bits of the story crammed right into this very section.

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Grass lazily stirred around my legs, which tickled my skin. A cool, evening breeze stirred the turf I was laying in. I had my hands behind my head, and my bare back was to the ground. I was in relaxation.

Oh yeah, and I was naked.

Yes, that's the downfall of turning into a giant, mechanical robot. It shreds your clothes, and when you turn back, you're naked. But I didn't care, since I was in a bliss.

A wide open prairie stretched out before me, with hills and small mountains rising up in the distance. I had found this place somewhere between Aurora and the Chicago suburbs when I was heading home after the fight with Demolisher. I didn't feel like I needed to go home yet, and I needed to regenerate some anyways.

The sky had finally decided to put on a tint of midnight blue, and the first stars were just starting to peek out between the wispy clouds. I felt my body relax and mold into the soft soil.

Suddenly, a low rumbling noise filled the air. It was distant at first, but it got louder and louder. I sat up and looked around the open, rolling plains. Then I saw what was making that sound.

Five automobiles were making their way across the green expanse, heading in my direction.

"Are you kidding me? Why are you guys here?" I muttered. "I'm naked!"

I quickly dove behind a small slope. To my dismay, the other side was all craggy. Sharp rocks poked out from the tiny cliff, but luckily I didn't land on those. I landed on something I would consider much softer: a combination of grass and gravel.

I hastily brushed it off my back and bottom, then slapped my hands together to get the tiny stones off of them. I then silently peeked over the miniature rise and waited to see what would happen.

Optimus Prime's P.O.V.

I was in my vehicle form, and the rest of the surviving Autobots and I were driving on a flat expanse of earth. We were trying to look for Hybrid Prime, to see to it that she has a safe trip to her home. But we lost her after our pursuit. We ended up stopping at a field she landed in, and now we couldn't find her.

"Bumblebee, Hound," I addressed, everyone, including me, shifting into our natural forms, "I want you to go left and look. Crosshairs, Drift, I want you to go right and I will keep looking for her ahead."

The Autobots all nodded and me, then shifted back to their vehicle modes and drove off. I, on the other hand, stayed in natural form. If I had to fight, then I didn't want to bother shifting systems.

To be honest, I was actually truly worried for her. She was our last hope, yet she saved the human race. If anything happened to her, and her button didn't go off, then she wouldn't have anyone to rely on to aid her. But I also felt something else for her that I couldn't describe. I couldn't figure it out. It nagged me to think about it, and it sometimes frustrated me.

I shook my head and stepped cautiously through the plain. That thought would have to wait until later. "Hybrid Prime!" I called. No answer. I called again. Nothing. I still continued my search, though.

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