6 - Almost Caught

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"Uh..." My heart beat faster every time they took a step towards me.

Just then, one of them slammed a giagantic wheel-hand onto my chest, but it didn't seem to hurt that much, even though it was metal on skin.

"Are you the Hybrid?" the police Transformer growled.

I frowned. My mom had said there were good Transformers and bad transformers. I didn't know if they were good or bad, so how would I know I could trust them?

"Uh..." I slowly widened my eyes.

"Well?" the robot spat greenish goop in my face, which I couldn't get off because he was holding my shoulders down. I had thought up a plan, very quickly. Let's see if this works...

That crawling sensation was back, and I could feel my right lower arm shift into the cannon. It glowed brightly, since I could see it through the metal plates on the Transformer's arm.

The Transformer who was holding me down murmured, "Oh, no."

I twisted the cannon up and shot. I didn't know I could shoot, but I could do it. It was as easy as breathing in.

There was a burst of bright light on it's arm, and it pulled back. When the smoke cloud cleared, I could see it's whole lower arm was busted off.

The other Transformer, who was watching the whole scene unfold, lunged at me with a raised gun. Bullets ricocheted off the building ruins behind me as I dodged to the side, which I knew could kill me at any moment. I got up and ran when whizzing noises were heard beside my head.

As I was running, I lifted my cannon towards the Transformer and shot blindly. My cannon fired a red-orange blast and hit the Transformer straight in the face, killing it.

The other one, the police car Transformer, growled and narrowed its light blue eyes. "You killed him!"

"Wait, it's a him?" I frowned.

"Yeah, we're kind of all males. But that's not the point!" The police car lunged again, but this time I was ready. The steel plane wings unfolded out of my back, ripping my black dress. The jets flipped so I could take off and the power would be redirected downwards. I shot off into the sky, and I had to stop myself by, well, stopping.

I looked down to see the police car Transforming back into it's regular state. "I will get you!" it shouted, then drove off.

I sighed with relief. That was over with. But who was that anyway? And why was my car a Transformer? I had so many questions to ask myself,  but for now, I'll just go home in style. I flipped in the air so I was facing horizontally to the ground and my jets boomed as I took off at hyper-speed.

After about three seconds I was on top of my aunt's house. I tried to stop myself, but my body went flying way past the top of the home. I skidded in the air back to on top of the lawn where I could land, but I saw my aunt sunbathing on a lawn chair in front of the small pool.

I widened my eyes. I couldn't just land right in front of my aunt. Oh, and also my two cousins swimming in the pool. But something suddenly happened. I felt my wings die and fold back up into my back.

"Oh, no..." I murmured, then I felt myself falling 200 feet from the sky.

I fought back the urge to scream. If I did scream, they would know that their neice/cousin was falling out of nowhere.

My back hit soil, and the impact made a huge dent in the grass. I groaned as I felt my back throb in soreness, but other than that, I was fine. Why was I fine? Shouldn't I have broken every bone in my body, or die?

I sat up abruptly, surprised it didn't hurt. My back was throbbing. I lifted up my shirt and felt for any broken bones, but I didn't feel anything, only a few bruises.

Then I looked around to know where I was at.

I was behind a tree in my aunt's yard. Luckily, they didn't seem to hear the crash. My aunt had earbuds in, and my cousins were too busy playing.

I slowly climbed to my feet and crept along the fence line, keeping to the trees. I wanted to make it look like I just walked in the fence gate.

My aunt looked up from where she was typing away at her phone. I froze, then dove behind a tree. She looked around, then shrugged and went back to texting, or whatever she was doing.

I continued what I was doing. The fence gate was just a couple feet away now.

"Hey everybody! I'm back," I shouted. My cousins stopped what they were doing, and my aunt looked back up.

"Audrey! You're home! Why are you so dirty?" asked my aunt.

I widened my eyes and looked at my clothes. The dress was torn at the ends, and mud caked every part of my attire. I bet my face was cloaked in dust as well.

"Um, I tripped and fell into a mud puddle," I shrugged.

"We haven't had rain in weeks!" my cousin piped up.

"Yeah, that's right..." my aunt nodded.

"Construction people. They leave messes everywhere," I said as I walked towards the sliding glass door that led to the inside of the house.

"Audrey?" my aunt softly questioned.

"Yeah?" I turned my head.

"Why do you have two huge rips on the back of your dress?"

I felt for them, and sure enough, they were there, big ones as well. How was I going to explain that?

"Construction people, Aunt Gretchen. Construction people." I strut into the house and closed the sliding doors behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked up to the attic where my makeshift room was.

I slowly creaked open the door which squealed with age. Dusty light shone through a tiny window at the top of the wall. A small twin bed was pushed under it, which had old bedcovers on it. I hated them, actually, since they were a faded pink with white accents. Black was a better suiting color for me. I actually went to the store and bought me a black bean bag to stick in a seperate corner with a light grey rug in front of it.

I flopped down on my squeaky mattress and stared up at the light brown beams holding the triangular-shaped roof. I wanted to take a shower, then a nap, then go to school tomorrow. I groaned at the thought. My first day back, because I took Friday off because of the incident on Thursday. I also needed some new clothes, because all I had been wearing were some black sweats and a black tee.

I sat up and walked down the stairs towards the bathroom. I needed some freshening up, bad. I couldn't get the attack just a half-hour earlier out of my head. Why had they ambushed me? I couldn't believe my car was...one of them. And I killed it. Now I'll have to get a new car.

I also haven't eaten since Thursday, when I froze Aria and Kimberly. It's weird. I know I should be hungry, but I'm not.

I opened the door to the bathroom and peered into the mirror. Wait a minute... I thought. What is that!?

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