5 - Funerals and Ferocious Foes

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I screamed as the ground flew out before me, and I was staring down at my now tiny house. Cars were flying by the place like tiny ants, and when I looked up, the wind whipped up my hair and I was level with a tall skyscraper. I had suddenly stopped going up.

When I looked to my right, I took in what had propelled me. I had two huge metal wings with two jets on either side at the end of each one. The jets were turned in towards each other so I was floating in one place.

"What the..." I murmured, shocked at what just happened. I hated heights, but a calmness seemed to pass over me, like everything was all right.

I looked back down, but when I did, I saw the robot that had attacked me hobble out of the flames.

My vision had focused on the robot, which was crawling out of my house, half it's wires melted off. It looked up to see me, floating there, hundreds of feet above my home.

"We will get you!" I could hear it clearly, like it was shouting right into my ears.

"Like that's ever going to happen!" I yelled back down as it transformed into a small, remote-controlled car and drove itself off. Wait, was that thing a Transformer? How was that possible? Sure, my mom had told me stories of them back when they left ten years ago, but why would they come back here? And was that thing bad or good?

I shook my head. These questions were boggling my mind way to much. I needed to go check up on my mom and see if she's still alive. Grief flooded over me as I remembered. I used my jets on my wings and angled them downwards so they could fly me down to the ground. It felt weird. It was like using muscles, but not using muscles. At least I knew how to control them now.

The ground got closer and closer as I got nearer. My feet were first, not my head, since I didn't want to risk crashing. I just went with a slow and dainty landing.

My feet touched the ground inside my house. I had flown through the hole I had created when I escaped the flames. Now the flames were nothing but smolders.

I heard a groan from behind me, and I whipped around to find my mother laying on the rim of the couch, her eyes half closed. "Mom!" I cried as I went to her aid.

"Audrey..." my mom gasped.

"Mom, please don't go! I'll call 9-1-1, and it'll all be fine, just-"

"No, Audrey," my mom interrupted. "Once they get here, I'll be dead. Now listen, that thing that came in here? That..." She started to gag and cough. I waited patiently and worriedly before she continued. "That thing was a Decepticon. Remember what those are?" I nodded my head. "Those are bad guys. They all have symbols, you hear? The Autobots are good transformers. You'll know if the Transformers are bad or good." She gagged once more, this time more ferociously. "If they are bad, then-" She took a last big breath. "Then..." my mom lulled, then closed her eyes, and her body stilled. A thin trail of blood ran out from her nose.

"Mom? Mom...? No, please NO!" I shook her up and down, trying to get her to wake, but I knew she would never wake up.

My face crinkled and grew red. Tears filled my face like sweat. She was never, ever coming back...

My plane-like wings folded up into my back to who knows where. I didn't even know how they fit. But I didn't care. All I cared about at this point was my mother.

I shook my head slowly. I needed to tell my family.


At the cemetery the next week, I was standing beside my aunt, my twin cousins who were just a few years younger than me, and my grandpa and grandma. Yes, I had a small family. We were all dressed in black, and my mom's extended friends surrounded us.

My family were hanging their heads as the priest blessed my mom's body, which was in the coffin. The coffin was black with gold lining, and had white flowers stacked on top of it from friends and family. I had put a small bouquet of lilies on it, but farther away from the others. I wanted mine to be special.

"And now, Audrey, would you like to share a few words?" the priest asked.

I silently nodded and stepped in front of the coffin. "My mom was the kindest person I would've ever known," I said, my voice cracking with grief as I fixed my eyes upon her coffin. "She took care of me, by herself, all the way up until about a week ago. Then she had been brutally murdered by..." I tried to find the words so that I wouldn't mention the Transformer, "by the fire that burned down our house."

A few murmurs were heard from around me. I knew they were coming from my family, who had seen the terrible destruction. "And I wish her to rest in peace." I kissed my hand and put it on the coffin. A tear came to my eye, but I quickly wiped it with the sleeve of my dress. I stepped aside and let others say their own words.

After the funeral, I walked to my own car. I had gotten one a couple days after my mom had passed. It was a sleek black 2014 Audi. I had used my mom's will money to buy it, and used the money to do a couple other things, but I still had a couple hundred dollars left. I decided to keep it and move in with my aunt and cousins.

"You sure you'll be safe? It'll be your first drive by yourself, you know," my aunt worried.

"Yes, Aunt Gretchen, I'll be fine," I smiled and climbed into the car. The door slammed almost immediately after I sat down, and it did that by itself. Weird. It must be a new feature or something. I backed out of the parking lot with ease and got onto the main road.

It was my second time I've driven it by myself. The first time was driving here. I drove down an alleyway road with barely anyone on it. This was to my aunt's, since she lived in the suburban part.

I decided to take a drive back around my old house. It was partially burned down, but they were repairing it for another family to go live in there. I was going to put the house on the market once it was finished, and when it sells, I'll use the money to keep for college.

My house was coming up. It was on the side of an alleyway road. It looked like an apartment complex, but it really wasn't. It was actually pretty nice and all.

The construction equipment was there, but no people. I guessed they were on their break or something. I stopped the car and stepped out of it. There were no cars coming down the road right now, so I sighed with relief. Peace and quiet for now. I strode around the front of my car and sat on the hood. I peered around, bringing back fresh memories that almost brought tears to my eyes.

After about five minutes there, I decided it would be best to go. I slowly slid off the shiny hood and reached for the handle, but something happened. The car slammed open the door and the side hit my face.

"Ow!" I screamed and put a hand to the spot it stung most. I felt hot, sticky blood on my fingertips. A cut traced from the side of my forehead down to the top of my cheekbone.

Suddenly, a large heaving sound was heard. My car lifted up into the air, then transformed into a huge, black robot. It had glowing light blue eyes and it was way taller than me, about a little taller than my house. It was big, bulky, and mean-looking.

I widened my eyes. This thing was huge. It then started to step towards me. I felt for my phone in my dress pocket and dialed 9-1-1. "Yes, hello? 9-1-1? I've got a huge robot in front of my house-"

Suddenly, sirens were heard. "Thanks so much!" I said into the phone and clicked 9-1-1 off. Good, they're here, I thought.  But that was...fast. A police car swerved around the corner. "Officer! Look, there's a huge Transformer!" I screamed.

The police car then turned into another Transformer that was about the same size as the first.

"Oh, crud," I murmured as they both advanced on me, my back to the charred building.

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