13 - Meeting More of Them

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My feet landed lightly on the stairs as I quickly made my way down to Bumblebee. I had to get to Optimus and the other Autobots and ask them what was happening to me.

Careful not to disturb Aunt Gretchen, Sadie, and Sophie's sleep, I slipped into the foyer and opened the front door. It squeaked as loud as loud can get, and I winced.

After more squeaking, the door opened wide enough to let me through. Gently closing the door behind me, I headed out to our detached garage where Bumblebee was.

"Bumblebee..." I whispered as I slid into the parking garage.

Bumblebee responded by revving his engine.

"Shh! My aunt doesn't know I'm going out this late at night." I opened the door to the drivers side and sat in the comfortable leather seat. "I need you to take me to Optimus and the others. I've, if you can see me, changed..."

"You have changed," Bumblebee's radio spoke.

"Yeah. So can you take me to them?"

A pause, then Bumblebee's radio spoke again. "Yes I can."

"Great." I pushed the button on the remote control garage door opener and heard the garage door, as loud as it can, open. I cringed, hoping the others couldn't hear it.

Bumblebee started his engine and raced out onto the main road. He drove towards the enlightened city, it coloring the night sky a dark beige color.

I checked the clock on the dashboard. 1:30am was what it read. "I need to get back soon, so we need to make this quick." I also have school tomorrow, I added to myself.

I believe Bumblebee understood, because I could feel the car speed up.

"I just don't understand why I have a six-pack...and muscles." I reached a hand over to feel my upper arm. I ran my fingers over the slopes, them traveling down to feel my stomach, then my legs. I just so happened to look in the rear-view mirror when I saw my eyes.

"Bee! Do you see my eyes?" My mouth gaped open in astonishment.

"I can't see them," Bee's radio blared.

"Right..." What I saw were two light blue glowing eyes staring back at me in the mirror. My iris's had turned to two bright lights, a lot like Bumblebee's light blue, thin headlights. They glowed back at me, making me look powerful and dominant.

"I'm turning into a car!" I exclaimed. Laughter came from the radio.

"That's silly," Bumblebee told me.

"Well, a robot car," I confessed. "Then again, wings aren't really in a car. More like a plane."

A few moments of silence went by, then I broke the quietness. "Bee?"

"Yeah?" the radio replied.

"How...how would you feel if you were the son of Megatron?"

A few more moments of silence went by, then the radio said, "It would be weird."

I sighed. "That's how I feel right now." Then a thought hit me. I remembered the mark on my chest, right below my neck. I had wondered what it was, now I can ask Bumblebee. "What's the mark on my chest represent?"

"Bad guys," the radio blared. "You are the daughter of them."

"A-a Decepticon?" Shock flared through my heart. "Well, obviously. I should've known better. I mean, come on! Daughter of Megatron, a Decepticon, here!" I tried to make it a joking comment, but all I could hear is my soft chuckling. I sighed again, knowing that I wasn't going to reassure myself that way.

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