28 - The Button

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The rain hammered down on a small group that was huddled in the outer skirts of the Chicago cemetery. Black umbrellas were held up to keep the people dry, or at least half dry.

I stood in the center of the mass, closest to the coffin that held Gale's dead corpse in its interior. White flowers that were soaking wet were draped around and on the casket. I still held a bouquet of them in my hand.

I think I was the one that was crying the most there, even though nobody could tell. The tears just mixed with the raindrops that pattered on my face.

I gently laid the flowers down on the top of the dark oak case then stepped back. I violently fought back the stream of a second wave of tears that threatened to flow down my face. To increase the chances of having them not fall, I buried my face into my shoulder, which wore a black, cotton jacket.

A felt a hand on my back, and it gently rubbed against my dress. I looked up, my face red and squinty from attempting to hold back more tears, to see Aunt Gretchen standing beside me. She was patting my back in comfort.

"I am so sorry this happened to you. No one should have to put up with a loss like yours. You have lost two people you were close to just within a week."

I slowly nodded back, but no smile framed my mouth. "Thank you."

When the service was over, we all went back to our own separate cars. Well, I didn't really have a car, I had Bumblebee, and the rest of the Autobots.

I opened the yellow colored door of Bumblebee's camaro and climbed in. Closing the door, I heard the vehicle turn on by itself. That made me smile a little.

I ran my hand along the steering wheel of his interior as Bumblebee veered onto the main, wet road that led to home.

"Gale is never ever coming back..." I whispered. I took my hands off the wheel and buried into them with my head.

"You have saved the human race. You should be celebrating," Bumblebee said, taking clips of radio broadcasts and putting them together to form a sentence.

"I know, I know. But do you ever know the feeling of losing a person, two people, that were close to you?"

"Yes. And even more than that."

Silence. I raised an eyebrow slightly as I contemplated his response. Then I remembered. He had lost basically almost all of his Autobot friends in the past years. Now his only friends were Optimus, Drift, Hound, Crosshairs, and me.

I sighed, not knowing what to say next. We were silent the rest of the way to my aunt's house.

After a few minutes of driving down a damp asphalt road, we arrived at the home. I pressed the garage door button that was lodged in the visor, and the garage door opened. The rain that was pattering on the windshield abruptly stopped as we entered the small building.

"Thanks, Bee." I smiled as I exited the car. I patted his black-striped hood, grabbed my black umbrella and purse, and walked out the door that lead to the garage.

I strode through the entryway of the house just as Aunt Gretchen pulled up. They didn't open the garage door, knowing that I had Bumblebee in there.

I laid my umbrella and purse down on the kitchen counter then ran up the stairs to my room to change. I opened the door to the attic, quickly grabbed a random outfit, then ran back to the bathroom.

I took off my black shawl, then my short, dark grey dress. I held up what I had grabbed, and it ended up being a simple white tank top with black capris. The shorts had small silver gems lining the pockets, front and back.

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