21 - Taken Again

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Blackout's P.O.V.

The thrum of my helicopter blades reverberated through the air as I made my way to the Nemesis. The remaining parts of Reedman, Laserbeak and Scorponik lay in my compartment area. Ravage is curled up on top of me.

We approached the Decepticon base, and I flew through the huge mouth of the opening. A platform appeared before us, where Megatron was having a discussion with The Fallen.

"Megatron," I announced as I transformed and landed on the ground. The parts of the robots tumbled out and onto the wiry floor. Megatron glanced at the pieces as Ravage slid off my back. He seemed to get the memo, since his metallic face twisted into a glare.

"You don't have her, do you?" Megatron seethed.

"No, I don't. She destroyed Reedman, Laserbeak and Scorponik. She is a powerful being you have created," I stuttered.

"The incident with the Dark Spark should have never happened. I was going to program her mind to follow the Decepticons, to follow me!" Megatron boomed, almost making me cower.

"I say you broadcast me again," came a voice from the chair behind Megatron. We both looked to see The Fallen slowly rising from his seat. "Give the humans a choice again. They might turn her over."

"That might work," Megatron said, slowly contemplating the idea. Then he turned to me. "Contact Soundwave and get The Fallen on the broadcast devices of the humans." He gave an evil laugh. "We will finally have her in our grasp."

"Yes, Megatron," I said, then I turned around, transformed, and flew off the balcony. Ravage quickly hopped on my back and we were both off to have a little talk with the Decepticon master of hacking.

Audrey's P.O.V.

 "What were you doing at the salon?" Clint started.

"I was getting my nails done," I answered innocently. I grunted as the chains around me were slightly tightened.

"Tell me the truth," Clint ordered, leaning forward.

"That is the truth. If you were me, then you would believe me, but you aren't me," I said, leaning back in my seat.

Silence. Then, "What were you doing inside the salon that caused the explosion?"

I held my breath. I didn't know how to explain this one. An idea popped into my head. "I was trying to search for my bag when these robotic things attacked me. I escaped through the front door, but they seemed to blow themselves up." I said whatever lies that came to mind.

"Is that right?" Clint said sarcastically, then he motioned to one of the people standing next to me. He came over, grabbed a remote, and pressed a button on it. A screen in the corner lit up, showing the clip that was on the news. The clip played until a figure came out of the building. The person paused the clip and zoomed in on the figure. I then realized it was me with my plasma gun.

Clint slowly turned around in his chair and looked at me. "That does not look like a handheld gun." He leaned in closer. "What is it?"

"I can't tell you," I said coolly.

Clint slammed a hand on the table. "Tell me!"

I sighed and raised my eyebrows. "Oh, Clint, you're just making this harder for yourself." The chains around me tightened some more, and I bit back a scream of agony.

"No, pesky girl," he said in a low, deep voice. "You're making it harder on yourself."

"Sir!" a frantic voice said. It was the man who turned on the television.

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