23 - Home Bound

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I was on the street of downtown Chicago. There were no cars zooming past me in their lanes. Instead, it was eerily quiet. I looked up and, to my astonishment, saw the skyscrapers. Actually, they weren't skyscrapers anymore. The tops were chopped off, like several explosions demolished each building. Debris littered the ground around me. Asphalt shavings, concrete slabs, pieces of glass.

Then I saw it.

A broken body was leaned up against brick wall. It's dark blonde hair was filled with rubble and dirt; it's clothes were tattered and torn. I stared at it's face. It's once bright eyes were dull and glassy. Then I saw who it was.

"Mom!" I screamed. My feet pushed down on the ground as I started to run towards her. Suddenly, my feet flew out from under me and the road disappeared.

I started tumbling through the air, spiraling downwards, grasping the air to where my mom's motionless body was, to try to somehow climb back up. I tried to retract my wings, but that didn't work.

Pieces of rubble fell down all around me as my mother's mouth started to move. "This is all your fault." The words echoed over and over in my mind.

"No!" I screamed, thrashing at the air, but I fell down, down, down into oblivion...

I woke up in a heap. My head was facing the ground. My nose was squished and scrunched up against my face.

I sat up quickly. I was on the floor beside my bed. My black blanket was tangled around my legs and chilly sweat drenched my body.

I took off the blanket and set it down on the bed, then stood up and stretched. I took the time to adjust my sweatpants that were way to low below the hip and hike up my sports bra.

I wiped the cold and dry sweat from my forehead and walked over to the window. The window was big enough to see out of, but the frame was only as big as my head. I peered out into the deep blackness of space.

Trillions and trillions of stars dotted the midnight sky. Tiny galaxies in all colors shone their unique hues as they twinkled throughout the dark abyss.

I left the window and walked over to the dark vanity that was sitting on the other side of the room. Might as well explore. I sat down on the small chair that was in front of the mirror and opened the drawer that was in front of me. Inside, there were a couple of brushes, but that was about it. But then I saw something glow in the back of the cabinet.

I reached back in there and grabbed something smooth. It felt like a test tube that you would find in a science lab. There were two of them, and when I pulled them out, I saw that they were test tubes with black corks in the tops. Inside the cylinders was glowing blue liquid. Energon. I realized how needy I was for the substance, and uncorked the stoppers on both of the tubes. I hastily gulped down the smooth substance that tasted like water with a metallic tang to it.

When the liquid was gone from the bottles, I dropped them on the floor. They shattered at my feet, but I didn't care. My hunger had been satisfied.

I felt the power course through my body, and when I looked in the vanity's mirror, I saw that my veins had taken on a very light blue hue. The Energon slithered up to my neck, then to my cheeks and to my eyes. My eyes then glowed their signature blue, then the color faded away from my body.

I suddenly heard footsteps coming towards my door. "Hybrid?" It was Alice.

"Yes?" I answered back, a little too weakly.

"Are you okay? I heard something break in there," Alice called, a hint of worry in her voice.

"Oh! I just dropped something, that's all."

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