18 - On the News

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Panic exploded in my chest as unknown instincts kicked in. Immediately, my right hand flew out in a punch and hit Laserbeak. It screamed, flapping its metallic wings, and slammed into a wall. I whipped my head around to see the thin one-Reedman, was it?-grab out at me with its long tail. Ducking my head, the tail flew past where my forehead would have been, sending alarm through my body.

Scorponik lunged its huge drills at my abdomen, but I responded with a mighty blow to its eyes. Sparks flew up as its glassy pupils shattered, sending it cowering and shaking its head.

Time seemed to slow down as I felt tingles going down my left arm. I heard a sound similar to a sword being pulled out of its sheath. Without warning, I sliced Reedman longways, and felt its parts become disconnected as it met the same fate as the human it just murdered.

Turning around, I met Laserbeak's talons with my right fist, and it suddenly turned into a shoving party. I shoved Laserbeak back after a couple seconds of tussling, then spun around and hit Scorponik's sharp tail with, well, whatever was on my left arm. I wanted to glance at it, but I couldn't. I had one opponent down, and two to go.

I looked back at Scorponik and Laserbeak. They were coming back, grabbing at me with whatever they could grab with. I couldn't let them take me back to Nemesis, which I'm guessing is their base.

My right arm shifted into my plasma gun, and, after lifting it and aiming at their faces, shot. The orange-red ball of power exploded, impacting them both. I shielded my face behind my shoulder and dove behind a chair.

Scorponik and Laserbeak had an enraged look on their faces before they erupted into flames. Their bodies hit the floor with huge thuds, and the adrenaline finally slowed in my own body.

Widening my eyes, I remembered that I had something on my left arm. I heard a sheathing noise right before my eyes landed on my arm, where I caught a glimpse of gold.

"No, no, no..." I shook my head and tried to summon it back out, but it wouldn't. A lot of things had just happened to me, and I noticed that I had my face-mask on . It retracted back into my cheeks, and I could now breathe a whole lot better.

I sighed and leaned my head back. Throbbing pain pulsed from my forehead, and I lifted a finger to see that I had a cut right beside my eye. It was oozing green stuff again.

Getting to my shaky feet, I slowly walked past all of the debris that littered the floor and to the front door. I had just done all of this. I had just destroyed three Decepticons.

I walked through the shattered door of the salon, lifting my plasma gun and looking around to see if any other Decepticon was going to fight me. When I thought the coast was clear, I slid out and into the sunlight. It probed on my skin, sending warmth spreading throughout my weak body.

"Bumblebee..." I couldn't even bring myself to call his name. I didn't know where he had parked. But somehow, he drove up and transformed.

"Are you alright?" he asked through his radio.

"Bumblebee, I just destroyed three Decepticons! Let's go," I said, trying to catch my breath at the same time. He seemed to understand, since he shifted back into his Camaro form and opened the driver door.

Gladly being able to sit down somewhere to relax my body, I weakly closed the door behind me. "Talk about a trip to the salon gone wrong," I softly chuckled as my plasma cannon shifted back into my arm and my eyes clicked back to normal. Neither of us found humor in that, though.

For the rest of the trip going home, we stayed silent, thinking over what had just happened. We pulled in the driveway, and I remembered that I had sneaked out because my aunt wanted me to take the twins.

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