3 - Freeze

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There, where my birthmark used to be, was a mark that was about two inches in height and two inches wide. It basically took up my whole manubrium area.

"Audrey? Are you okay? You keep looking down your shirt," Ms. Fields cut into my thoughts.

"Oh, its nothing, Ms. Fields," I said as I hastily tugged my low-cut shirt up and over my newly-formed birthmark.

"Okay, then," Ms. Fields frowned and walking away.

I breathed a sigh of relief. What could she have done when she saw that? Was it something important? It couldn't be a birthmark, it was two detailed. It had eyes, and perfectly pointed areas.

I shook my head to clear the thought. Nevermind that. I would deal with it later. I walked around a bit longer, looking at all the parts and pieces to the alien-robots, or 'Transformers'. They looked quite interesting, and some had even a very faint pulse of blue to it.

After about thirty minutes of looking, Ms. Fields called everyone to the front of the exhibit. "We are going to go outside and sit on the lawn while eating our lunches, okay class?" she said.

I nodded as my stomach growled. I needed to seriously calm it down with some food.

Everyone headed out into the narrow hallways, through the theatre, and then out into the main check-in area. The big double glass doors were opened first by the teacher, and bright sunlight flooded onto the hard, black and white tile flooring.

I breathed in the fresh air and sighed to myself. I looked around, and after a few seconds, spotted Kimberly and Aria talking to Gale. I rolled my eyes. Who needed friends anyway?

Then, Kimberly and Aria turned away from Gale after giving him two cheesy smiles and started strutting towards me. My heart rate hit zero and my temperature turned cold even when it was ninety degrees out.

Once they got to me, they stopped in front and surveyed me.

"What do you want?" I raised an eyebrow, hoping my voice didn't waver. I didn't want to get involved with whatever they were up to.

"Oh, nothing, just came to remind you that Gale is mine, not yours," Kimberly flicked a strand of dark blonde hair over her shoulder.

Aria's black curly hair bobbed when she nodded. "Yep. And stay off of our turf."

"Like what turf?" I asked.

Aria rolled her eyes. "Just, stay away from us and Gale, okay?"

I felt my face get hot when they mentioned Gale. Anger welled up inside of me, probably with a hint of jealousy. I felt something click deep in my bones, like something fit.

Aria and Kimberly widened their eyes. "Why are your eyes blue?" they stammered.

"What are you talking about?" I gritted my teeth. Suddenly, I felt something shift, something crawl on my lower arm. It felt like a thousand tiny bugs were crawling up and down my lower arm. When I looked down, my arm was raised, and in my hand's place was a cannon instead of an arm. I gasped, and right after that, the cannon spit out a ball of icy blue-and-white light. The light exploded onto Aria and Kimberly, making a thin layer of ice creep along their bodies until they were frozen solid.

I widened my eyes, my chest feeling like it was going to burst with shock. That sensation was back in my lower right arm, and I slowly looked down there, which was shifting back into my actual arm.

People were gaping all around me, and some had even dropped their drinks. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and turned to run. I ran all the way down the street, and the five miles back to my house.

"I knew there was something wrong with me!" I screamed when I slammed open the door to my home. My mom was standing in the kitchen, slicing some tomatoes.

"Why do you think you're different?" my mom set down the knife and scraped the tomato slices into a small bowl.

"Because my arm turned into a cannon!" I yelled.

"You don't have to scream. Can you show me?" she leaned against the kitchen island.

"How can you be so calm about this?" I gaped. Then I remembered something. "How about this for evidence?" I pulled down my low-cut black tank to where it was originally. The mark was still there, right on my manubrium.

My mom widened her eyes. "Was that your birthmark?"

I nodded. "It was so tiny we couldn't see the detail."

"But now it's huge," my mom gasped and reached out to touch it. Suddenly she pulled back in a movement similar to that of being lightly shocked. "It shocked me!"

"Really?" I reached down to touch the mark but it did nothing.

"That thing's dangerous...you must keep it under wraps!" my mom scolded.

"Wait, you're not going to call the cops on me or something?" I asked.

My mom let out a huge, long sigh. "Well, I think it's time I told the truth about you anyways. You're old enough to know."

"Know what?" I asked.

"...You're not my child."

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