29 - Rogue

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My feet pounded on the hard floor of Aunt Gretchen's foyer as I made a sharp turn to the left. She had called from the living room.

When I got there, I saw Aunt Gretchen staring at the television screen with wide eyes. She was hastily gesturing for me to come over. I hopped over to where she was and saw what she was shocked about.

The national news channel was on, and there were words underneath the anchorman that said 'Breaking News'.

"We have just gotten reports of a giant robot terrorizing the streets of Aurora, Illinois. Footage will be shown here in a bit, but the real question is: Could this be related to the incident in Chicago just a few days ago?"

Just then, a small screen appeared in the top right corner, showing a giant robot rolling and demolishing a highway.

"Oh my..." My eyes widened as I saw the humungous creature tear up the road with its huge wheel, along with vehicles with innocent people in them. "Could it be a Decepticon...?" Then I turned to my aunt. "I'll deal with this. Be right back."

"Please be careful, Audrey!" Aunt Gretchen called after me.

I paused in the open doorway and looked at her, my eyes narrowed into an honest glance. "I'm Hybrid Prime, Aunt Gretchen. Would I let anything happen to me?"

She looked back at me with thought in her eyes, but I left before she could answer that question.

"Optimus!" I called when I ran out into the lawn.

"Yes, Hybrid Prime?" he asked, turning his head from a conversation with Hound, Drift, Bumblebee and Crosshairs.

"We have an emergency on our...um...hands," I said. "There is a huge robot killing humans right now in Aurora. We have to go now!"

"Then let us go," Optimus said, his face in serious mode.

Shivers were sent up and down my back as my shiny wings unfolded out of my back. "It'll only take a few minutes to get there if we hurry!"

Yes, I lied. It took us fifteen minutes to get there, which agitated me very much. People were dying every second that went by. Plus, none of the other Autobots could fly, so I had to slow down a little to have them catch up with me. And we were taking a highway that had lots of people driving on it, so the Autobots almost collided with some other vehicles.

Finally, we reached the destination. The sky had cleared of storm clouds, revealing an enormously beautiful sunset. Stripes of gold and pink streaked the sky, also mixed with cirrus clouds.

I almost got sidetracked by it, because I almost ran into one of the tall buildings. I skidded to a halt mid-air, nose barely touching the shining, warm glass of a window. I hastily backed up from the structure and made my way back to the Autobots, who were down below me in an alley.

"Where is the monster? Is it a Decepticon?" Optimus asked me.

"I don't know, but it looked pretty mean," I said, giving him my honest opinion. "He was on a freeway, though..."

I flew back up, the wind flipping my hair in my face. I landed on top of the building I almost crashed in to and looked around.


My eyes landed on something moving, something with debris all around it. It looked so big and scary...and it was heading for the city.

I jumped off the structure, making sure my jets caught my fall, and I safely landed back on sturdy ground. "Okay, everyone. I saw it coming from the two o' clock position."

They cocked their heads at me. "What do you mean?" said Optimus.

I sighed. "Over there!" I pointed in the direction where I saw it. "Now, we need a plan. I need suggestions."

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