4 - Devastating News

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I felt hot tears bead the corners of my eyes. "Explain."

My mom, or my fake mom, slowly shook her head. "I don't know who you came from, but you were left at my doorstep when you were just about a year old."

"Really?" The tears rolled down my smooth cheek and dripped onto my leather jacket.

My mother nodded. "Yes."

I put a hand to my forehead. It was sweaty. "Does that explain why I'm going through this?"

"I don't know. Show me so I can probably understand," she murmured and looked towards me.

I hesitated, then gradually took off my jacket. My now huge birthmark was showing, but I didn't care. I flashed a look at my mom, but she didn't seem to care either. She was just intent on me showing her what I can do.

"I don't know how to do it..." I shook my head.

"What do you mean?" my mom cocked hers.

"Well, I just got so mad at my ex-friends, and I felt something click deep inside me. That's when my hand automatically went up, turned into a gun, and shot something that froze them in place..."

"That's weird. Just try to do what you just did..."

"Mom, you're creeping me out right now," I frowned as I looked into her deeply-intent eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just want to see."

"Why do you need to see?" I stood up. "You're not acting like yourself, mom."

As I ran up the steps, I heard an unhuman growling sound from downstairs. I didn't dare turn around, because whatever was there, I could sense it wasn't good.

I continued to sprint to my room. My ears almost rung at the scream that sounded from below me. The door slammed behind my back, and thudding noises were heard. My heart was beating a hundred miles per hour right now. What happened down there?

I hastily paced around my room for a couple moments just as the smoke alarm went off. Why was I up here, in my room, not doing a thing to save my mom from a possible threat? I straightened up, collecting myself.

My breath quickened as I slowly opened the door. The same tickling sensation flew down my right arm to rest on the forearm section. I looked down and saw that it had turned into the same gun, except it had a redish-orange glow to it rather than a light blue glow. It didn't shoot immediately, which was good.

The screaming suddenly had been cut short. A cold ball formed in the pit of my stomach. Did she just...?

Well, it was time to find out. The stairs were just up ahead, and all I had to do was look over the banister. My footsteps were nothing but little tiny thuds that I couldn't even hear. My gun whirred softly as it charged up. It was weird, I could control it like it was a part of my muscles, my organs, my bones...

I peered over the railing. Everything seemed normal, but a strange being was in the center. It was all metal, and was taller than me. It was almost as tall as the ceiling. But how had it gotten in?

It suddenly turned around to face where I was, and I reacted so fast I couldn't even control what I just did. My body hid itself behind the wall, and I was there, holding my arm-gun. That thing was weird. I didn't even get a chance to see it's face.

"Megatron, I am at the girl's house," I heard it say in a robotic yet human voice. "The mother is terminated. She didn't give any information on the girl."

My heart almost stopped. It killed her?

"Good," I heard another voice, a little scratchier, say. "Search the place. If she doesn't turn up, then ask her association."

"Very well, Megatron," the first robot said, and I heard a clicking sound, like the sound of cocking a gun. "Come out, come out, wherever you are, girly."

My heart was pounding not one hundred, but one thousand miles per hour now. What will it do to me? Will it do the same thing as it did to my mother?

I heard thudding nosies that rattled the house. The robot was coming up the stairs. I had to get out of here.

But wait. If I was designed like this, why not fight? A smile crept up on my face. I was going fight.

The robot was now at the top of the stairs. I silently dove behind a doorframe and peered out. The robot had gone in the first room on the left, which was a small closet. It was rummaging around, looking at all the mechanical objects. Like him, I thought as I chuckled to myself. But I must have made a noise because he turned his head. Now I could see its face.

It had two beady eyes that moved like a human's, but they were glowing a turquoise color. It had features like a human, but it was bald and had metal wires running throughout its thin body. It didn't look tough at all, except for its face.

"There you are," the robot seemed to smirk, because it's mouth moved into a smirk-like pattern.

I rolled my eyes. "You do not know how to smirk, robot." I stood up from my crouch.

It's left hand suddenly turned into a cannon that looked different from mine.

"What are you here for? And why did you kill my mother?" I screamed at it.

"Because I can," he smirked again. I grimaced. He really didn't know how to smirk.

Suddenly, it's hand rattled and a large bomb flew out of the cannon. I swiftly dove and rolled to the side. I didn't know I knew those type of moves.

I watched it as it hit the place where I had been standing. It was now up in flames. I raised my cannon at the robot, but it had returned back into my arm. "Come on, work!" I muttered through clenched teeth.

The robot laughed. "You are so much like your father." It raised the gun again. "Now it's my turn to bring you to him."

"Never!" I yelled as my lower right arm, which was still raised in the air, turned back into the glowing-red cannon. It fired a red-orange ball of plasma and it hit the robot. It exploded onto it's network of wires, making it collapse on the fire that it set off just moments ago.

I widened my eyes as the bot exploded, sending me flying through the walls and down to the first floor. I grasped my head, which was throbbing with my heartbeat. My vision blurred for a second, then it cleared to see that the whole place was engulfed in bright orange flames.

I scrambled to my feet. I needed to get out of here. Suddenly, something unfolded from my back and propelled me through the roof and into the air, dozens and dozens of feet into the air...

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