7 - The DNA Discovery

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I frowned as my fingers brushed where my injury had been. I could barely see it, because it was colored green. The dried whatever it was was stuck to my forehead. It felt kind of sticky as well.

"Mom, what is this? You knew a lot about the Transformers," I murmured to myself. The green stuff had rolled down my cheek and onto my mouth. Was that what I tasted when my car turned into a robot? It seemed weird, because it didn't taste exactly like blood.

Suddenly, an idea hit me. What if this was just the spit that that transformer had spat on my face? It could be possible, but I had to try one thing.

I found my feet running down the stairs. My tabby cat, Tiger, was laying on the sofa in the living room. He could get aggressive at times, and my plan was getting him to scratch me. I knew it would be painful, but I had to try.

I started to play with him, my hands sliding all over his light-colored belly. Soon, I saw a glint of claws strike me across my hand, and a jolt of pain was sent up my arm. I kept myself from wincing when I lifted my hand to see what came out of the intrusion. Just what I didn't think. It actually horrified me for a second.

Green oozy liquid was what came out.

I quickly grabbed for a wipe and cleaned up the cut. I ran over to the kitchen and jumbled through wooden cabinets, trying to find a band-aid. Soon, I spotted a small box that literally said the word Band-Aid on it, and hastily grabbed for it. The box opened up, and I spotted one. It was the last one. I opened it and stuck it on my throbbing hand, thankful that there was actually one in there. I threw the box away in a nearby trashcan and hurried up to my room.

I flopped down on my squeaky mattress. I had school tomorrow, so what would I do? I had no friends, except for that boy. What was his name? Um...oh yes. It was Gale. But he was Kimberly's boyfriend. Maybe I could go to the mall? I think it's way too late for that. By the way, what time was it?

I looked over at my alarm clock. It read seven o' clock sharp. It was way too late for any city activities.

"Audrey! I'm cooking supper! What would you like?" my aunt yelled up at me.

"I don't know! Make it a surprise!" I yelled back down. Then I heard footsteps sounding up to my room. The door burst open and there stood my two cousins.

"Do you mind if we come into your room?" the older twin, Sadie, asked.

I sat up and crossed my arms. "Go get cleaned up from the pool. You are not allowed in my room until you girls are washed."

They both sighed angerly and stomped their wet feet back down the stairs. I silently giggled, a tiny smirk playing on my face. I loved it when they were angry.

I widened my eyes and stood up so suddenly the room started to spin. What had I just though? I didn't like them when they were angry. Then again, it did feel pretty nice to shoo them off like that.

I grabbed some fresh, new clothes from a dresser drawer and felt my feet walk me down the stairs, carefully so I wouldn't slip, and into the bathroom. Then again, I remembered that I was filthy. This time, I wouldn't freak out when I saw the green goo that I had for blood.

My hand reached for the doorknob, and the door squealed open in protest. I closed it behind me and flicked on the light switch. I stripped down and threw my dirty clothes on the counter. I stepped into the shower and turned on the extremely hot water. I groaned as it rolled down my smooth, tan-ish skin.

Once I was done washing my hair, I quickly wrapped it up in a towel, dried off, and put my clothes on. Actually, they were my pjs. I had on a soft grey tank that fit my frame and black and white fuzzy pants. My feet were bare, as usual.

"Audrey! Food's ready!" Aunt Gretchen called from downstairs.

"Coming!" I hastily made my way down the water-dried steps and towards the bar that was lining one half of the kitchen. Instantly, smells wafted up into my nose. "Pasta," I murmured. "Garlic bread, salad..." I eyed the food like a person who had been starved for days.

"Don't stare at the food like that and come sit down," Aunt Gretchen scolded.

I felt a faint flicker of anger rise up deep down in my gut, but I forced myself to not outburst, so I just did what she told me to do. I saw that the twins were all cleaned up, but they were giving me the stink-eye.

Aunt Gretchen passed out plates with spaghetti and garlic bread on them. In a seperate bowl, she had a salad filled to the brim with everything you could have on a salad, along with her homemade dressing. In the cups were apple juice and a few cubes of ice.

"Okay, girls. Dig in whenever you'd like!" Aunt Gretchen smiled, then went to fix a plate for herself.

I gobbled it all down. I must have made a scene, because everyone was looking at me funny. I giggled to myself and I tried to eat more slow, but it ended up not happening. I finished my meal in what seemed like two minutes, far faster than Sadie and Sophie, and ran back up to my room. I ripped the towel off of my head and flung it into the bathroom, not even stopping on the steps. I burst into my room, ready to crash on the bed. My phone, which I usually keep in my room when I'm home, was vibrating on my nightstand. I didn't see who was calling, so I just absent-mindedly picked it up and answered it.


"Gale?" I widened my eyes. Why was he calling me? And how did he get my phone number? "How did you get my phone number?"

"Aria had it on her phone. She was about to delete it when I peeked over and memorized it."

"You can memorize things fast," I giggled.


"So, wait, why are you over there?" I cocked my head.

"Oh, Kimberly wanted me over here for a movie night. I'm just leaving now. Apparently the girls keep gossiping about you. They can't stop, it's like they're addicted to mentioning you."

"Let them talk," I sighed. "So they are out of the hospital?"

"Yes, they only had a slight chill. They just got out this morning. But...how did they freeze?"

I froze. He didn't see me ice them? "Um...I don't know," I lied.

"How could you not see them freeze? You were standing right in front of them. I looked away to watch something else and then this explosion happened. When I turned my head back around, you were running off." Gale sounded worried.

"Look, I'll tell you tomorrow, okay?" I hastily poked the button that said 'End Call'. I snuggled up under my covers, wondering if I really should tell him. I closed my eyes, hoping the sleep would take over my mind, to end the worries I had for the days to come. But it didn't.

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