10 - Meeting Them

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My eyes shut closed as I grabbed onto Gale and swung him on top of me. I remembered the time when that big Transformer slammed me down with it's wheel hand. It didn't hurt as much as it was supposed to.

My back arched to protect Gale so that I was falling with my back to the ground. The wind suddenly became thinner, then an impact so hard it knocked the wind out of me. A huge bang was heard as my body collided with the concrete road of an alleyway. Pain, but only as much as it would if you twisted your ankle, shot up my spine. I felt if Gale was okay, and I was still clutching on to him as if I might die.

I groaned as Gale slowly rolled off of me. His face looked at mine, and his blue gaze widened.

"What? What's so horrible?" I mumbled.

"Oh, nothing, it's just that you didn't die. Does this hurt?" He rolled his hand under my back gently and pressed down a little on where I landed.

The pressure only seemed to hurt if you, again, sprained your ankle. I winced slightly, but that seemed to get Gale's nerves going.

"I'm going to call the hospital right away," he reached for his pocket where his phone was, but I slapped his hand.

"No! What if they find out about me? When they x-ray my body, they'll probably find metal parts in there. Maybe I am made of metal but made to look like a human on the outside. All the more why I should find out more about what I am."

Noises were heard, like rumbling car engines. I sat up, a slight bolt of pain erupting from my back, but it was nothing compared to what I was about to see. Around the corner came one, two...five vehicles. In the lead was a powerful-looking Peterbilt 379 long-nose truck that was blue with red flames on the front. The cars beside it was a yellow Chevrolet Camaro, a dark grey GMC Topkick, a silvery Pontiac Solstice, and a greenish-yellow emergency AM General Hummer H2.

I heard Gale gasp in front of me, slightly blocking my view.

Then they did something extraordinary.

First of all, they stopped in front of us. Then they transformed.

The alley was filled with the clinking of gears and metal plates moving around to form into five tall robot-looking things. The tallest, which I was assuming the truck robot, leaned towards us so that his face was at our level. It's glowing blue eyes flicked between me and Gale.

"Who is the Hybrid?" it boomed. He looked Gale up and down. "You look like you are." Since he was more built than I was, it was obvious why he would think he was what I was, which I'm guessing was the Hybrid.

"Um, no. I think you're looking for her," Gale said as he gently pushed me forward. We were standing up now, in the dip that I had created with my fall.

"Hmm," it said as I stood up to full height. "Didn't expect a human girl to be the Hybrid."

"What's this Hybrid?" I suddenly blurted out as I stepped forward.

"You are," he simply put it. Then he turned his head and looked out onto the horizon, as if thinking of something. "A long time ago, there was a prophecy that was only known to the Primes. They didn't speak it because they didn't think it was important. But now, today, it is. Just recently, Megatron found a second Spark, which is now called the Dark Spark. He used it to bring back all of the Decepticons ever known back to life, including the Fallen."

"Wait," I cut in. "The Fallen?"

"The Fallen was one of the Seven Primes, and he is the leader of the Decepticons. He is Megatron's master."

"Who's Megatron?" I asked, utterly confused at what I was hearing, though I knew about Decepticons and Autobots.

"Megatron is an evil Decepticon, now second-in-command of the Decepticons, wanting world power. He wants to destroy the human race."

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