17 - Confrontation

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The drive to the city took some time, but that was because I was coming from the suburbs. I was planning on going to one of the nicer salons, called Perfect Polish. I shivered with delight at the thought of them rubbing lotion up and down my legs.

Goosebumps appeared on the backs of my arms, and I tried to calm myself down. It was only one simple pedicure.

"Okay, you take a left here, and it should be here on the right..." I told Bumblebee. He swerved into a space in front of the salon. "Thanks."

Bumblebee revved his engine before turning it off. Opening the door, I stepped out into the mildly warm air that swirled around my head, making my auburn hair dance around my neck. I grabbed my purse and patted the hood. "I'll call if I need you, but that'll be kinda of unlikely."

I could tell by the way he drove off that he was unsure, but I shrugged. I'd be okay.

Stepping into the medium-sized shop, smells wreathed around my nose. Shivering in delight once again, I strode up to the counter where a short, kind lady greeted me.

"Hello, welcome to Perfect Polish! Is this your first time here?"

"No," I said, smiling, "I have a gift certificate."

"Good, good!" She smiled back at me while I pulled out a little slip of paper out of my purse. I had twenty-five dollars on this thing. "I'll take the Simple."

"Okay! That'll be twenty dollars."

I handed her the piece of paper and she typed in numerous numbers on the cash register.

"Mon Ai will be assisting you today. Just follow her right back and around the corner once you've picked out your polish." I nodded kindly at her and went to the racks filled with polish bottles. I already knew what I wanted, so I picked out a deep purple color that was named Sexy Divide. I giggled at the name. I actually couldn't believe that people made a living just by coming up with punny names that were to be stuck on stickers and put on the bottoms of polish bottles.

"You ready, miss?" a voice sounded behind me.

I turned around to see the lady, or Mon Ai, waiting for me. She was almost as tall as me, almost five foot eight.

"Oh! Yes, I guess so." I grinned and followed her, my head slightly ducked.

As we walked around the corner, I flipped the polish over and over in my palm. I kept smiling like a maniac at the name of the color.

"Is something wrong, miss?" We had arrived at my seat with the water already bubbling different hues. Fruit was floating at the top of the liquid, giving off a mellow aroma.

"No, no, it's nothing," I said quickly, biting my lip. As I sat down, I finally spilled. "I don't know why they name these polishes weird names." Handing the bottle to her, she responded with a smile, "I don't know why either, miss."

I sighed with relief. Someone understood me. I leaned my head back on the comfortable headrest. I poked my fingers on the small remote on the left, which had different kinds of massage techniques on it.

Rolling, tapping... My green-brown eyes scanned the buttons. Kneading! There it was. As I touched the command, my feet met the water. Tingles spread throughout my legs as my body temperature accommodated the water temperature. The sensations spread up through my thighs and to my back.

Mon Ai slowly lifted up my feet one by one out of the water and went to filing my toes. I leaned my head back once again and tried to enjoy the experience.

Mon Ai went from filing to putting lotion on my toes, and then did various other things, then finally we got to the part at the end, where she paints my toes. The color really did suit me, and I ended up feeling happy with myself for picking Sexy Divide. When she was done with that, she helped me into my flip-flops. I thanked her and went over to the place where you put your toes under a blue light and the polish dries quicker.

Settling myself down in a rolling chair, I slid my feet under the light and relaxed. I forgot all of my worries about Megatron and the Transformers. I forgot all about them trying to find me and catch me. I just wanted to unwind.

Suddenly, when I was about to close my eyes, a flicker of light flashed in my peripheral vision. Whipping my head around, my eyes flashed over the place where I saw it. Nothing caught my eye. I shrugged and leaned my head back again.

Scuttling sounds were heard right beside my left ear, making me wince and sit up, eyes wide. My hands gripped the handles of the seat. Something was wrong.

I came to my feet, regardless if my polish was dry or not. I pushed the chair away, leaving it to roll away and bump into an employee who was doing someone else's feet. When she turned around and opened her mouth to argue, I replied with a quick, "Shh!"

The lady widened her eyes, then narrowed them. Everyone was staring at me now.

I suddenly felt very self-conscious with everyone's eyes on me. But still, I believed that something armed and dangerous was in this very room with a lot of innocent people. A Decepticon, maybe?

Suddenly, a person who was standing up screamed as they got cut in half by an invisible force. His parts landed on the floor with a thunk. Everyone started yelling and running for the doors for their lives as soon as they saw what came into view.

A razor-thin humanoid figure turned its body so I could see its long, very thin features. A gasp flew from my mouth, both from the being and from the horrifying death that I just saw.

A crash made my head whip around to the front, where windows lined the front wall. A huge metallic bird broke the window and was flying straight for me. It grabbed at me with its gigantic talons, but I ducked just in time.

Auburn hair flew in my face as my locks blocked my view of seeing. Darn it! Knew I should've put my hair up this morning!

"Hello, Hybrid," the huge bird venomously cooed.

"Hello, huge-talking-flying-thingy-that-I-don't-know," I said back. My gaze flicked from the paper-thin Decepticon to the flying one. I backed up a step when I realized how close they were. I could even see their Decepticon logos.

"You have gut to talk to us like that," the bird said. "Where are my manners? I haven't introduced us yet."

"You don't have any manners," I said dryly.

"I'm Laserbeak, and that's Reedman." Laserbeak gestured with his head to the thin one that cut through an innocent person. There was a pool of blood where the two body parts lay. I could see his intestines and everything. My stomach lurched, and I suddenly felt light-headed.

A rumbling sound started to occur, making the floor shake violently.

"And here comes Scorponik," Laserbeak said, narrowing his eyes.

I quickly grabbed onto something sturdy to keep myself from falling. Right when I clutched onto a massage chair, a huge frame burst from the ground. It flung up chairs and bits of debris, and I had to cover my head to block anything from hitting me.

When the dust cleared, I squinted to make out a gigantic scorpion-like figure that was facing me. I stifled a scream. That would only lead to them thinking I'm weak.

"And we are here to take you back to the Nemesis with us," Laserbeak simply put, and all three Decepticons immediately lunged for me.

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