Chapter 4: Change

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"Nothing. It's just that I'm graduating and we won't be like this again." Now, this is not Beca.

Beca doesn't like hugs. She's not suppose to be this nice.

"Can you sleep here tonight?"

"Oh! Like a sleepover?" I suddenly forgot everything I was thinking about.

"Yeah. Maybe, if that's how you call it."

"Sure! Sleepover it is! I'll just go get my sleeping bag!" I said with excitement all over my body.

Beca laughed, "Alright, hysterical ginger! I'll wait for you here."

I ran to my room to get my sleeping bag. Ran back to Beca's room and all I saw was Beca preparing her own sleeping bag.

"Why are you getting your sleeping bag? You have a beg right there"

"I know, but I want to sleep beside you!"

"Okay then your choice not mine! You'll probably regret it." I said while laying my sleeping bag on the floor.

"And why is that, Ms. Chloe Beale?" Beca glared at me.

"You'll see." I said leaving her confused.

"If this is a 'sleepover' then what do we do?"

"For a classic 90's sleepover we pillow fight." I chuckled

"It's not 90's. Too bad."

I suddenly thought that this is my chance to know about Komissar or Jesse. "Why don't we play 20 questions"

"What?" Beca asked

"You know, you take turns asking each other 20 random questions that the other should answer. Honestly."

"Okay then. It would be an honor if you start it."

I started of with a silly question,"what soap do you use?" I laughed and she laughed with me.

"Really? Really, Chloe?" She laughed again. "Cetaphil!"

"Your turn, sensitive skin."

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" She smirked.

"Nope, never!" Weird question, but okay.

"Would you ever kiss a girl?" I smirked back

"Do I really have to be honest?"

"What's the point of this game if you're not going to be honest."

"Okay, but don't judge me." She said while making those puppy eyes. That sounds like a yes to me.

"So it's a yes?" I winked at her. She then nodded.

"Have you ever fallen in love with a girl?" Beca said with a grin

Of course I had to be honest. "Yes." I realized how gay this game is. Also I realized that now is the right time to ask about Komissar.

"Do you like Komissar?" I said with a fake smile. I already know the answer to this, but I want to hear it from her.

"Yes!" She answered immediately. I could feel my heart cracking a little more.

"I mean no! What's happening to me?!"

"You like her." I smirked

"Okay, maybe." I'll take that as a yes.

"Who's the girl you're talking about?"

"Girl?" What girl is she talking about?

"The girl you love." Oh right. Great idea, Chloe. Now you have to answer that.

"Do I really have to answer that?" It's you, Beca.

"Of course."

"That's out of the line, idiot!" I smiled at her.

"Because I love you, I'll change the question. Do you still love this girl?" She loves me?

Because I love you

Because I love you

Because I love you

"Yes, I still love the girl!" she loves me?

"You love me?" I asked with a big smile on my face.

"Yeah." She said yes. I don't want to smile, but I can't help it.

"I-I mean you're one of my closest friend. Of course I love you." Oh, silly Chloe. You're expecting again.

"What am I to you?" What is she to me? "My sunshine."

Oh my god, Chloe. You shouldn't have said that. She might notice you.

"Your sunshine? Aw."

"Yeah, why?" I asked. She then frowned.

"I don't want to be your sunshine. It means I'm only here for you when you're happy." She pouted. She's so cute.

"What do you want you to be?"

"Your moon. I'm here to light up your darkness."

"I don't like that" I honestly don't.

"Why?" She pouted again. She's so cute!! Gaah!!

"It's making me look like a user. Your here at my darkest hours, but when I'm happy I totally forget about you because of course the sun is there. You're just an alternative."

"A star?"

"There are thousand stars in the sky. And I choose you. The only problem is you're out of my reach." That's true she's my star. She's out of my reach because she will never be mine.

"The earth? Because there are plenty of planets in the universe and you chose to live in me." She said waiting for my approval.

"You know that suppose to be for Jesse." I faked a smile.

"Duh, you're still my friend. You never left me."



I'm down to my last question. This should be worth it. "Jesse or Komissar?"

"Jesse! Of course." That wasn't worth it.

"What are the things you remember the night you got drunk?"

I forgot. I should have asked something about that. I was thinking about Komissar too much that I forgot about that night.

"To be honest. I don't know what happened that night. What happened?"

"You already asked 20 questions, but nothing really happened." I know something did. I need to know.

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