#12 Period

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Marinette had moved to Gotham after getting sick and tired of Lila. Then the cliche story happened, she met her long-lost brother Jason and became Damian's girlfriend and now stays in the Wayne Manor and whatnot.

One day, she came downstairs for breakfast after a morning patrol. When she arrived downstairs, Dick let out a piercing scream.

"Blueberry! What happened to you?"

Everyone was startled at the sudden screech and Marinette cocked an eyebrow.

"Nothing, what happened to you? Have you been drinking?"

"Blueberry, you-you're covered in blood! How did you not notice that?"

Marinette looked down at herself, before twisting around and looking at her rear. There was the big red patch on her skirt.

She shrugged and went to sit down, but the boys stopped her and started shouting.

"Pixie-pop! How are you not shocked? There's blood literally dripping out of your a**!"

Dick started jumping around and jumped into Bruce's lap in fear.

Damian quickly carried Marinette bridal style onto the couch and started bombarding her with questions.

"Angel, are you hurt? Did the Joker harm you this morning? Oh, I'm going to kill him!"

Tim grabbed his phone and dialed 911.

"Hello? 911? This is an emergency! My sister is losing lots of blood!"

Meanwhile Alfred and the girls were highly amused and Marinette was just baffled. She really didn't see the big deal in her period, all girls had it.

Dick started hysterically crying for Marinette, scared that she was going to die.

"What do you mean this is normal? She has blood dripping out of her vagina! How is this not an emergency? I'm suing you later!"

Jason snatched the phone from Tim and yelled down the phone.

"Look, my sister is dying right in front of my eyes here and if you don't do something about it- wait why are you laughing?!"

Stephanie stepped forward, still recording the scene.

"That, my dear brother, is Marinette's period. Have you ever heard of something called menstruation?"

Realisation dawned on the guys. Bruce hurriedly pushed Dick off and brushed off his suit. Then he took the phone from Jason.

"He-Hello? Yes, I am very sorry to have bothered you. Don't worry, nobody is getting sued. Yes, thank you for your time."

Then he turned towards Alfred and the girls.

"This never happened."

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