#9 Little Marinette

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So as the title says, this will be when Marinette was younger. But: she's Bruce's daughter in this story (before Damian came) anyways I hope yall enjoy lol
It was a Saturday morning and Bruce had gone out. The boys decided to have a little fun with their sister.

Biiiiig mistake.

"Jay-Jay! Pway hide and see! Pwease?"

Jason and Dick couldn't resist the puppy eyes and relented, roping Tim in.

"Okay, we'll play hide and seek. I'll count to 20, and Timmy, Dicky and you will hide. Okay?"

Marinette eagerly nodded and ran off somewhere in the Manor.

"18...19...20! Ready or not, here I come!"

Jason found Dick and Tim quite easily but surprisingly couldn't find Marinette. After about 10 minutes, he abandoned the game and all three boys started searching for her.

They searched high and low to no avail. And that's when...

Bruce came home.

The boys panicked.

Marinette was Bruce's favourite child. If he came and found that she was missing...

They were dead.

"Hey B! Um...I was actually wondering if you uhh...wanted to go to...the mall with me?" Dick nervously asked.

"Okay, sure but where's Marinette? Isn't she playing you you guys?"

The boys gulped.

"Well...ah...you see, we were...um...playing hide and seek and may or may not have lost her...heh"

Bruce's face grew murderous.

"You did WHAT?"


Dick facepalmed at his brothers' stupidity.

"B, the problem is, we've been searching for her for over an hour and we can't find her. Can you help?"

Bruce agreed while also grounding the boys for 2 months.

After another half hour, guess what? Surprise surprise, they still couldn't find Marinette!

They grew insanely worried and Bruce shouted to suit up and look for her in case she had run out.

However, when they came to the Batcave, a sight awaited them.

3-year-old Marinette was sitting in front of the Batcomputer, watching Barbie and the Dreamhouse. Apparently, she had stuck Barbie and My Little Pony stickers on the Batmobile, and painted rainbows on the boys' costumes.

They could only stare in horror and shock.

Marinette turned around and smiled.

"Dicky! Jay-Jay! Timmy! Daddy! You found me!"

They nodded half-heartedly.

"You are slowpokes."

Hey guys so I know I haven't been updating recently but the holidays and my birthday is coming up!!

P.S. should I do a face reveal?




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