#7 The Joker

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Marinette and her class were in Gotham for a field trip.

The cliche storyline that everyone uses (Marinette won a competition, earned them a trip to Gotham blah blah blah). Anyway Damian was their tour guide and all of a sudden they heard a loud crash.

"Marinette, what did you do?" Lila gasped, shaking in mock horror.

"Listen here, Marinette had nothing to do with this-"


The Joker spun a gun in one hand and a crowbar in the other with a maniac grin on his face.

"Who's wants to have some fu-"

He was cut off by a swift kick to his balls.

Damian cursed under his breath as he saw Marinette calmly walking over to the Joker. If the Joker dared hurt his angel he would actually break his father's no killing rule.

"Excuse me, monsieur Joker?"

The Joker turned to look at her with a sick grin plastered upon his face.

"Yes, little girl? I'm assuming you want to play~"

Marinette fumed. Nobody called her a little girl.

Chloe knew just what was going to happen and went to look for popcorn.

"Actually, I was just about to tell you that your costume is atrocious. Who taught you how to dress, a dog? Never mind, even a dog couldn't make clothes so horrendous. Gods, I feel like ripping that outfit to shreds."

Her voice dropped to a low and deadly tone.

"Don't ever call me a little girl ever. Again. And if you don't leave now I will cause you pain worse than death."

The Joker nodded frantically and motioned for his goons to move out.

"Oh, and clean up the mess you made too!" Marinette called after them.

The Joker ordered his goons to grab brooms and mops and they scurried off.

So when Batman and his crew (minus Damian) arrived, they were shocked to see Joker and his goons sweeping the floor cowering in fear of the little Parisian girl looking over them.

They were too stunned to move.

When they finished cleaning the mess, Joker ran over to Batman practically begging him to take him back to Arkham.

Marinette put on sunglasses and walked out of the room :)

Then the room burst into chaos.

Hey guys! So here's your new chapter and a huge sorry to those who have been waiting for an update on my other book. I promise I'll update soon and stay safe everyone!! <3




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