Her True Power[Felix x Marinette] by Delinquent9278
Her True Power[Felix x Marinette]by Delinquent9278
Marinette has a crush on Félix ,who is Chat noir. Félix has a crush on Ladybug who is Marinette.Let's see what will happen when Chat noir visits the shy,clumsy girl? Wil...
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A miraculous switch by AgresteTwinz
A miraculous switchby Gukkie❣️
Marinette got rejected by Adrien, Bridgette got rejected by Felix. What happen when the two girls switch world? Adrien and Bridgette met with a good start but Marinette...
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  • messupship
  • felinette
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Seeing Red by socksareforcavemen
Seeing Redby socksareforcavemen
Here is a little reveal fic! I'm not a fan of Ladrien, so I thought what better way to show that than to write a felinette fic? (No bridgette btw). Dedicated to my dear...
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The Girl Who Broke  by Primsgirl89
The Girl Who Broke by Savannah Prim
Marinette was walking the streets in Paris alone. Sounds okay right? It wasn't. It's night time when a Thug grabbed her into an isolated alleyway and took her. No, he d...
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  • dark
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