#10 Gone (pt. 4)

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Back in Paris...

"Class, we have won the essay competition all thanks to Lila! As the prize states, we will be getting an all-paid for trip to Gotham, sponsored by the one and only Bruce Wayne himself!"

"Aww, it must be because my Damiboo misses me so much that he picked my essay! We haven't seen each other in so long he's desperate for me to visit him!"

"Girl, who's Damiboo?"

"Why, he's none other than my boyfriend Damian Wayne! He's so generous and kind, really. He's the absolute best! I still remember when we were about 5 or so, we would use to run around the manor playing catch!" A dreamy look settled itself on her face.

"Wow, THE Damian Wayne? Could you get me an interview pretty please?"

"Well, he's kinda shy and busy but I'll see what I can do. Anything for my bestie of course!"

Lila inwardly rolled her eyes. They were so easy to fool! And with Maritrash out of the way, nothing would stop her from having everything. Popularity, fame, she would be the queen of the school! Oh and did I mention fame?

She thought to herself, Now with goody-two-shoes Marinette gone, I can seduce Damian Wayne in Gotham before anyone knows and I'll be so famous and rich! I'll be the queen bee of everything and everyone will bow down to ME!

Oh, how wrong she was.
Tim was walking down the corridor to his room, drinking his coffee as usual feeling sleepy AS USUAL.

Suddenly he heard voices coming from Marinette's room. His inner scaredy-cat was like, OH MY GOSH WHAT IF ITS A GHOST OR A VAMPIRE OR A DEMON?? IS MARINETTE A MONSTER??

And in his imagination, the corridor turned dark and became longer just like those horror movies he always screams at. The only light was supposedly coming from Marinette's room as he slowly tiptoed to the room.

He cautiously opened the door just a crack and-

Holy sh*t was that flying bugs?


Marinette talks to bugs?

What's going on in the world?

Am I hallucinating?

Marinette was curled up into a ball crying and getting what looked like mini tiny super small hugs from like 20 flying bugs all talking at the same time.

Tim couldn't believe his eyes.

And because he was in shock and was tired and wasn't watching where he was going, he leaned on the door and fell down splat on the floor, his coffee spilling on the fur carpet Marinette so painstakingly sewed herself.

Her head snapped to Tim's body on the floor and when he scrambled to get up, a knife flew and pinned his shirt to the wall, an inch away from his throat.

Marinette turned to him with murderous eyes.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here?"

Tim was too shocked to respond. Where did the knife come from? And since when was Marinette so scary? He wasn't used to Marinette acting like this. Usually she was a quiet girl and only spoke when spoken to. Who and what was this?

"I said, what the h*ll are you doing here? Or is privacy not a thing in the Wayne household too? I follow all your stupid ridiculous rules and yet you all treat me like dirt! Even worse than your dog. What did I do wrong huh? I'm sick and tired of playing the pretty pink princess all the time.

"Do you know at least half the sh*t I've been through? No you don't! Because you people don't look for a single piece of evidence before you blindly believe what others say. None of you will ever accept me and I'll always be treated like poop you flush down the toilet!

"How would you like it if you were in my shoes, huh? If your mum just shipped you off to a foreign country without warning and then when you want to have a fresh start you don't get the chance to even when you did absolutely. Nothing. Wrong. Do you know how damn selfish that is?

"You Wayne's only think about yourselves. How would you feel if you knew even half the things I've been through? I bet you don't even know about the situation in Paris, do you? That a stupid terrorist ruins the entire city EVERY DAY just to get his hands on some jewellery? That the Justice League declined the call from our heroes and told them not to prank call?

"And now you're not even letting me off this floor! That's so idiotic and you're even monitoring my contact! I have absolutely no privacy at all here! Even Paris was better than this! What if we switched roles? I would monitor everything you do, you have limitations for everything, you don't even get allowance and you have to use your hard-earned savings to pay for things?

"And look what you've done to my carpet! That's the first thing I've sewn in my life that isn't clothes and you just ruined half of it! I spent 5 months working on that every day! Do you really think that this is fair at all?"

Marinette took a deep breath.

"Get. Out."


"Get out. Everything you saw here today stays here. Got it? Don't make me make your life a living hell."

Tim hurriedly nodded and scrambled out of the room holding his coffee cup.

The moment he was gone, Marinette broke down in tears.

Hey readers! I'm so sorry that I haven't been very active lately because exams are coming up and I have a major overseas competition in 1.5 weeks. Here's the long awaited part 4 of the "Gone" series!

To those who have specially requested a short story, please do check your inboxes because I have sent you some messages regarding your requests. Thank you so much for being so patient with me!!




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