#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 2)

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"Everyone, we have been selected to visit Ever After High in the Fairytale world this year in the cultural exchange! Isn't that wonderful news?" Ms Bustier, homeroom teacher told her class.


She was cut off by a certain sausage hair.

"Oh, is that so? Mummy and Headmaster Grimm must have been dying to see me again!"

The class immediately swarmed around her, except Chloe, Juleka, Rose and Marinette.

Then Lila fake gasped, covering her smirk with her hand, bringing out the tears.

"Oh no! I wasn't supposed to say that!"

"What is it, Lila? You can trust us not to tell anyone!"

"Yeah, we would never share your secrets!"

"W-Well, since I trust you guys not to tell anybody, I'm actually...the descendant of Snow White..."

Then Marinette stood up.

"You're lying, Apple White is Snow White's true descendant and heir to the throne. Or do none of you remember what we learnt a few days ago in the history of our worlds?"

Tears started pouring down Lila's cheeks.

"D-Do you n-not believe me t-then?"

Shouts erupted from the class. Some to comfort Lila, some to insult Marinette. 

"Lila isn't lying, you're the liar!"

"How dare you accuse Lila of this when you already bully her!"

"Really, Marinette? I never thought you would stoop that low just out of jealousy!"

"Don't listen to Marinette, Lila. She's just jealous of you!"

Finally she stood up.

"I-It's okay, guys. I-I understand. Marinette has e-every reason n-not to believe me, b-but I would never w-want you to b-bully her because of me! A-After all, e-everyone deserves a second chance, right?"

"Lila, you have a heart of gold!"

"You're so kind, Lila!"

"You deserve better!"

(All the crap about how Lila is the best person alive, blah blah blah

Honestly, I couldn't care less. So I picked up a piece of paper, wrote everything I hated about Lila, including a drawing of her in Hell, then I crumpled it up and threw it in the bin. Right where she belongs.)

Meanwhile at Ever After High...

Headmaster Grimm was instructing the students to show the French students exactly how "wonderful" having a destiny was, to "encourage them" to adopt their legacy, things like that.

With a financial contribution from Snow White, Headmaster Grimm somehow managed to get mirror pads for all the French students so that they could access the Fairytale world's web.

But things didn't go as he planned.

That's the end of the second part of the story! Remember to check out MegaLectrice 'stories!




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