#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 7)

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Marinette was definitely not doing very well in the Ever After world.

She had to listen to Lila's most recent lies. 

"Oh yes! I'm destined to be queen of Ever After High! I am Snow White's descendant and heir to the throne after all!" 

She had to deal with the whole Apple-White-filmed-me-oh-no situation.

Since Apple had recorded her, she had been extremely stressed and worried that Apple might just post the video.

On top of that, she had to deal with Chat Noir, who was one of those "over-the-top" people. He would always insist on smothering her in "romantic" gestures and she hated it. Worst of all, she couldn't resist him as much as she wanted to.

Apple White was somehow always standing there, hidden by many but not by Ladybug. She would always catch Apple's eye, watching her like a hawk.

So she had to return Chat Noir's affection.

Heck, she even had to kiss him a little.

Which sucked by the way, he was a terrible kisser and had horrible breath.

Marinette had even been almost akumatised more than once, in both her civilian form and her alter-ego.

She would cry herself to sleep most of the time then wake up an hour later, lying awake in bed, wondering if this was all worth it.

It was.

She couldn't risk her identity being revealed.

But soon it was too much for her to handle.

And eventually she broke.

Marinette had just escaped Apple again. She hid in a broom closet and started to cry.

"Hmm...what a strong negative emotion. Perhaps this will be my masterpiece. Fly away, my little akuma, and evilise her!"

Raven Queen was looking for Marinette. Strangely, the bluenette had been down lately and always seemed upset.

And Raven had a bad feeling about it.

Walking through the hallways, she called Marinette's name but no answer came. (Why am I rhyming?)

Suddenly she saw a dark purple butterfly, flitting between corridors. Raven didn't know what it was but it spelled trouble.

She followed the butterfly, trying to use magic to trap it. The butterfly led her to a small broom closet in a dark corner.

From the closet, she could make out muffled sobs. Raven felt a surge of determination, she couldn't let the butterfly do anything to whoever was inside.

So she flung open the closet doors and to her surprise, saw Marinette curled into a ball, weeping. She didn't notice the butterfly inching to her.

Quickly, Raven conjured up a small glass container and trapped the butterfly in it. Startled by the noise, Marinette looked up.

When she saw the butterfly, she sighed in relief and thanked Raven. Then she panicked.

"Oh no, I almost got myself akumatised again! How could I be so careless?"

Raven was shocked.

Marinette had been almost akumatised before.

That was the only thing running in her head.

Marinette's cries snapped Raven out of her trance. She hugged Marinette and started comforting her and after a few minutes Marinette's sobs had quietened down.

Shakily, she explained the situation to Raven, knowing that she wouldn't tell anyone about her identity. Then she transformed and de-evilised the akuma to prove it.

Raven swore not to tell anyone and they became close friends after a while.


One day, Chloe came up to Marinette and said, "Dupain-Cheng, come with me. Now!"

So she followed Chloe into a mostly deserted hallway.

"Chloe, please, I can't deal with this right now. Spit it out, what do you want now?"

Hearing Marinette's exhausted and empty tone, Chloe felt guilty.

Gone was Marinette's bubbly self.

Now, all that was left were broken pieces.

Left behind.

All the joy and happiness gone.

And Chloe Bourgeois missed it.

She stared at the floor.

Trying to find one reason why her apology should be accepted.


"Look, Du-Marinette, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I've done to you for so long. I was a spoiled brat. I thought money was everything until I met you. You had a great life, lots of friends, caring parents, everyone loved you. Heck, my own mother can't even remember my own name! 

"And so the more I looked at you, the more I wanted to be you. The more jealous I was. So I started being mean to you. I'm sorry. I don't expect my apology to be accepted. But I need you to know I'm sor-"

She was cut off by Marinette throwing her arms around her.

"Thank you Chloe. Of course you're forgiven. Friends?"

A tiny bit of the old sunshine Marinette leaked through a crack. 

Chloe smiled at her.


Yay! Chloe and Marinette made up, and Raven and Marinette are now best friends. What do you think Apple will try this time? Will Marinette break? Or will she hold up? And what will happen to Chat Noir?




Zoe 💜

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