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Miraculous One shots by morganlbr
Miraculous One shotsby Morgan
One shots that I've thought of while bored in school.
Love Bats by WrItInGKeEpSmEAlIvE
Love Batsby Cypress
Inspired by Day 28:Childhood Friends AU by littlekittykanny on AO3.
Forget by ScarletKorlov
Forgetby Annah Woods
It had been a period over a month now, and Lila has caused Marinette to have her friends be turned against her. Marinette has been successfully akumatized by Lila Rossi...
Secretly a Princess  by xXcheeryXx2918
Secretly a Princess by batrisya
*DISCLAIMER I DONT OWN MLB OR THE COVER PIC I JUST FOUND IT ON PINTEREST* Marinette has a secret, her class gets a trip to China, during their visit turns out theres al...
Miraculous Salt One-Shots by -Marsh_Mallow-
Miraculous Salt One-Shotsby Marshmallow
Just a bunch of salty one shots for all those who love a bit of salt in Miraculous
Noir Spots by weirdowithnobeardo
Noir Spotsby Lemon
Marinette Dupain-Cheng was so, so tired. She didn't have any friends. Her partner was incompetent. She had no clue what she was doing in regards to her newfound Guardian...
Daminette One Shots by embuckley
Daminette One Shotsby art3mis
Just some Daminette Oneshots. Just ideas because I love this ship. Originally I shipped the love square, but I got bored waiting for them and Adrien said to take the hig...
All I Needed by -Marsh_Mallow-
All I Neededby Marshmallow
Lila has taken almost everything from Marinette...ALMOST. Luckily for her, she had some friends who did have braincells. Nino, Alix and Kim, along with, surprisingly Chl...
Escape From Paris: A Daminette Fic by GNK1917
Escape From Paris: A Daminette Ficby Jillian
Marinette has to get Chat Noir's ring. After a intense fight she escapes using the horse miraculous. When she ends up in Gotham, what will happen? I cant summarize but i...
Devil Disguised As An Angel by Firemuziclover
Devil Disguised As An Angelby Daughter of Hades
Marinette and Damian were raised together in the League of Assassins. They got bonded together when they were 9 years old. When they were 10 an attack came and they got...
Miraculously Felinette by morganlbr
Miraculously Felinetteby Morgan
What if Felix was always in Miraculous? What if Felix was Chat Noir instead of Adrien? What if Marinette never forgave Adrien after the gum incident? What all would chan...
Everything comes out  by emmammccc
Everything comes out by emmammccc
Cover Art: emzurl on tumblr Lila has won. Marinette has no friends left, once she reaches her breaking point she decides to move schools. She meets Felix, Allegra, Alle...
Neglect Me No More by sammisena
Neglect Me No Moreby sammisena
After months of neglect from her friends, Marinette decides to transfer schools. These so-called friends of hers have made her an emotionless shell of who she once was. ...
All Flowers Eventually Wilt by TheInsaneFront
All Flowers Eventually Wiltby Izanagi ♡
Chloe, Lila, and Marinette have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but when Chole tells Mari that most of her "friends" are fake she didn't wa...
Love and Vengance by Moonlight-w-661
Love and Venganceby Moonlight-w-661
Felix never wanted this. He didn't care about having a normal life, it wasn't in his lifestyle. But his mother ordered him to attend the same high school as his cousin...
My Only supporter || A Felinette Story || by K1tty_g0als
My Only supporter || A Felinette K1tty_g0als
What if Marinettes known Felix since childhood? What if Marinette and Felix are dating? What happens when Lila goes to far and Felix finds Mari in her room with...
She's a Princess!? by _____MadHatter_____
She's a Princess!?by 😈💀🖤
⚠️SLOW UPDATES ⚠️ (Still deciding if I should put it on hold or not.) What if instead of falling for Adrien, he fell for Marinette? What if Adrien was the one that blus...
Only 15 by K1tty_g0als
Only 15by K1tty_g0als
She's been pushed around٫ stepped on٫ lied to٫ laughed about٫ used٫ touched٫ but no matter what she let's it happen. She's lets it happen with a smile on her face٫ she...
XY's Muse by night_fallz
XY's Museby night_fallz
After the events of Silencer, Marinette approaches XY in order to comfort him after his father, Bob Roth, insulted him in front of live television. As the days pass, th...
Meet the Queen of Mean by Zoom9351
Meet the Queen of Meanby Zoom935 1
ARTWORK IS NOT MINE!!!!!! Lila has finally done it. She has turned everyone against her. No one trusts her anymore. She gets bullied, insulted and threatened. The pain g...