#10 Gone (pt. 2)

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"BRUCE WAYNE?" Chloe practically screamed Marinette's ear off.

"Yes, is he a big deal or something?"

"Mari-bug, Bruce Wayne is one of the world's richest billionaires, known for his habit to adopt people with black hair and blue eyes. His family consists of Richard "Dick" Grayson, Jason Todd, Timothy Drake, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain and of course Alfred Pennyworth, their butler." Kagami stated, looking at her nails.

Marinette could only stare in shock. She couldn't process this.

"So to sum it up, Melody your father is a famous rich guy with lots of children and an adopting addiction."


"But what if Lila-"

"Lila can't do anything to you in America. She would never even try to if she found out your dad is Bruce Wayne."

"Don't worry everything will be fine."

"But what about Ladybug?"

"If I may, Guardian, you could use me to teleport back and forth if you wish." Kaalki stepped forward, well stepped in the air, bowing to Marinette.

"See? Everything will be fine. We'll handle Lila and you can go relax in America."

"Alfred, prepare a bedroom. We have a new...guest coming tomorrow."

Happy birthday to me!! As promised, you guys get a chapter here and one in my EAH book! I hope you all enjoy ^^




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