#10 Gone (pt. 3)

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"Miss Bustier, where's Marinette?"

"Children...Marinette has moved to America."


"I-Is it because of me?"
Marinette got off the plane with a smile on her face.

Maybe here I'll have a fresh start.

She looked around the airport and saw a...relatively older man holding a sign saying "Marinette Dupain-Cheng". Obviously, she went over.

"Hello, Ms. Marinette. I am Alfred Pennyworth, butler of the Wayne household. Allow me to help you with those bags."

"Oh there's really no need Mr. Pennyworth, I can manage."

"Please call me Alfred."

"Then call me Marinette."

"With utmost respect, no."

"Okay then Mr. Pennyworth. You are a former holder of Duusu, right?"

"I- Yes, Marinette."

"Good, call me Marinette from now on."

Alfred seemed quite alright to Marinette. She just hoped she could make a good impression on the rest.

"We're here, Marinette."

He helped her take her bags out of the car while Marinette stepped out and thanked him.

Marinette's POV:
As Mr Alfred was helping me take out my bags, I looked to the right and saw a group of boys. The tallest and oldest I assumed to be Mr Wayne.

"Hello! You must be Monsieur Wayne, correct?"

"Yes. I am Bruce Wayne. Follow me inside."

There wasn't a smile on his face. Which meant Lila had somehow sunk her claws into him. It was going to be just like Paris.

And here I was thinking I would have a fresh start.

Third Person POV:
As Marinette followed Bruce inside, she couldn't help but awe at the Wayne Manor and had to restrain herself from whipping out her sketchbook and drawing.

However, there was tension so thick in the air that you couldn't cut it with a butter knife. Everyone there except Marinette was either expressionless or glaring slightly at her. Even Marinette's smile was fading.

"Take a seat, Marinette."

Marinette POV:
"Now, these are my sons and this is our butler Alfred. You are to respect them at all costs. First, we must set some ground rules."


"I've heard all about you and your antics. Save your excuses."

"Monsieur Wayne, if I may-"

"No, you may not." That shocked me into silence.

"You are to stay on this level or the level with your room always. No going out except for school unless I approve of it."

Great, just great. Well I don't go out too much anyway and I can just use Kaalki.

"You must respect Alfred and treat him well. I have heard all about you and your...antics, so don't try anything funny. Alfred is part of this family and if you're going to be, you must obey and respect him."

What, did he think I was some uncultured swine? Actually never mind he probably did.

"Now, we will be monitoring all your contact with anyone and everyone. I will not have you being rebellious or anything of the sort, do you hear me?"

Actually that's not too bad, the only people I text are Chloe, Luka, Kagami and Juleka anyways.

"And finally, you are not allowed to leave the manor unaccompanied."

Eh, it's Kaalki time then!

He handed me a list with more rules on it and I scanned through the list and wait, how am I going to be MDC and Nettie now?!

His boys started introducing themselves but I didn't really pay attention and drowned them out. Designing was and is my dream! How could I just give it up like that?

Damian POV:
This girl is such a brat, she didn't even pay attention when we were introducing ourselves. She was just staring into space in horror. Like what, she's never had some rules in her life before?


I hate her.

What a spoiled insolent little pampered princess.

She's so rude.

I really hate her now.

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