#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 1)

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This story is requested by MegaLectrice
(This is a crossover between miraculous and Ever After High)

Everyone knew about the Fairytale world.

Not too long ago, the Fairytale world's existence was found out by people on Earth. Because of this, diplomatic relationships have already been created between the two.

To improve the relationship between both worlds, cultural exchanges were organised every once in a while.

Milton Grimm and Snow White saw this as an opportunity to expand the destiny ideology to other worlds and make sure that cultural exchanges take place in schools in the Fairytale world.

This includes Ever After High. And so schools from all around the world participated in cultural exchanges in the Fairytale world.

Every year, a chosen class from a different country was given the opportunity to visit Ever After High and learn more about its culture. Likewise for Ever After High.

This year, the country chosen was France, specifically Paris. And the school chosen was none other than the collège/lycée Françoise Dupont.

And the class that was selected was, well Ms Bustier's class. (Read: the mayor made a "donation" to Ever After High for Milton Grimm to choose his daughter's class)

Headmaster Grimm, on the other hand, stroked his hairy chin with his finger, and said to himself, "Hmm...how can I use this to my advantage? I know! I might be able to make some profit from this!"

(Aka forcing the students to adopt the ideology)

He was so engrossed in feeling triumphant and thinking about his "evil" plan that he didn't notice where he was going and bumped into a pillar. He ended up with a huge red and purple lump on his head.

Just kidding, he ran into Snow White.

"Hmm...Headmaster Grimm! What a surprise! I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, something about a...plan, I believe?"

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