#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 3)

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Before Lila had even stepped foot on Ever After High, she had already lied about being Snow White's descendant.

So when they did arrive, there was...some slight tension.

Understatement of the century.

Apple White and the Royals hated Lila and her sheep instantly on Apple's behalf.

The Rebels, however, took a special liking to Marinette, Rose, Juleka and Chloe. They also hated the rest of the class.

All because of Lila's lies.

As soon as the class arrived, they started bragging about Lila's connections and that she was the descendant of Snow White.

Apparently even she had forgotten that "they weren't supposed to know".

All the EAH students were livid that someone had the guts to lie about being Snow White's descendant.

Even Blondie didn't lie about her heritage.

When some of the akuma class tried to get to know the students, some of the EAH students quickly voiced their opinions on Lila's lies. And there weren't very...positive comments.

Some of the class, especially Alya and Lila started asking insensitive questions like:

-How could Apple be Snow White's heir if she had blonde hair? (To which Marinette replied, "Then how could you be Snow White's descendant if you have brown hair?")

-Stalk/Spying on Raven to "make sure she doesn't do anything evil" and asking her if she was ready to face her destiny of death from red-hot iron slippers at the end of her tale
(Which really confused Raven as she was just going to be tortured not killed, and made her more worried about her destiny)

-Trying to force Cerise to reveal why she wore a hood, even going as far as to try and pull it off (which made Cerise insecure)

-Telling Blondie that she wasn't a good and real reporter (which crushed her dreams of becoming a famous reporter)

The list goes on.

For the EAH students, most of them, especially the Royals, are "destiny believers", find it hard to believe that the French students don't have a destiny.

To them, the idea of societies not having a destiny to follow is sad and horrible.

They mostly see the class as poor little beings that must be guided to their destiny and tale, even if they have to write it themselves.

All this lead to many disagreements and arguments to both sides.

And they were just worsened by Lila and her lies, not to mention the annoying sheep she had.

As for Marinette, she didn't feel comfortable with the Royals because of their obsession for destiny. But because she's not very assertive, she keeps what she thinks only to herself, only voicing her opinions when asked.

Marinette unarguably gets along better with Raven Queen and the Rebels because it feels homey there, and she finally felt like she belonged.

But the Royals monopolise her 24/7 and make her a member of the Royals' side against her will, not really caring about her feelings about her "destiny".

Unknown POV:
"So many negative emotions...oh look here's a good one! Ahem, where was I? Ah yes, fly away, my little akuma, and evilise her!"

What do you guys think will happen next?

I may not be updating so frequently though, school just started and I'm still settling in. But I'll try my best!




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