#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 5)

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Marinette's life wasn't going well at all.

But everything only became worse.

"Phew, that was a tough akuma. Tikki, spots off."

Marinette landed in an empty alley and detransformed.

Or at least, what she thought was empty.

"Marinette, you're Ladybug?!"


Apple White had seen the akuma and had hidden in an old alley.

Once the akuma was gone, she quietly hurried out of her hiding spot. But before she could make it far, someone landed in the alley.

She jumped back to her hiding spot in case it was the akuma and silently started recording on her mirror pad for Blondie.

But what she saw shocked her.

There was Ladybug, detransforming.

She nearly dropped her mirror pad.

"Marinette? You're Ladybug?!"

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