#11 Daminette AMV (reacting)

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hey guys! this story was requested by @krishnayogam so go check them out! I am so sorry I haven't updated for so long and here is the long-awaited new chapter!

"I was wondering if the class could react to some daminette amv...

sugar for zoe, juleka, rose, chloe, nino, alix, maybe... you can go choose tho- since i am confused who to choose.

maybe throw in The bat bros, bruce, clark, jon, connor and roy with Jason screaming at the end Demon Spawn has a girlfriend!?"

In this story, the MPS (Marinette Protection Squad) consists of Zoe Lee, Chloe, Nino and Alix while Juleka and Rose are unspoken members to spy on Lila and avoid suspicion. I hope you enjoy this story!
It was a normal day in Paris. An akuma in the morning, Ladybug and her team (minus Chat Noir) saving the world, Lila and her gang bullying our poor Marinette 🥺, and Ms Bustier's lesson had just begun.

Suddenly, a big portal came out of nowhere and Bunnix (is it Bunnix or Bunnyx?) stepped out, her umbrella over her shoulder.

Lila screamed and jumped into Adrien's lap, who nearly fainted under the shock, partly because she jumped onto his area.

"OMG is that an akuma?? Marinette did you cause it?"

Alya got out her phone and started filming.

Alix started jumping up and down and waving to her older self.

Ms Bustier regained her composure and pointed her whiteboard marker at Bunnix like it was a weapon. "Who are you?"

Bunnix smirked, these people really were dumb!

"I'm Bunnix, a miraculous wielder from the future. Hey mini-me! Mini-bug, Queenie, Tiny Turtle, Ex-Queenie, and Brat Noir." She said the last name with venom. Adrien shrunk back (after pushing Lila off of course) and looked down.

"Of-Of course, I knew that." Lila tried to regain her image.

"Anyway, follow me, all of you including you Ms Bustier. Don't even bother trying anything funny unless you want me to hit you with this big scary umbrella here. Come into my Burrow and DONT TOUCH ANYTHING."

Lila was actually scared out of her wits and obediently followed Bunnix in. But when she went in and saw all the possible timelines and futures she went closer and reached out her hand until-

"Rossi, do not move another inch or I will smack you into a completely different universe with this umbrella."

Lila froze in her tracks. How had Bunnix seen her? She had been so careful!

"Good now all of you walk through this big hole right here into this big spacious room. Y'all gonna have to wait awhile for some other people to come okay actually if you're not fine with it I don't care. Ok bye I'll come back later to bring you back!"

With that Bunnix disappeared back into her portal.

A few minutes later another portal opened and I stepped out. Followed by a bunch of hot guys and some girls aka the Wayne's. And maybe some of their friends too.

"Hello akuma class! I see Bunnix has already brought you here. Anyway today yall gonna react to one of my favourite ships. The screening will start in about 10 minutes, go ahead and make friends."

Lila wasted no time in jumping onto the youngest boy's lap and purring, "Hello handsome, my name is Lila how about you?"

He glared at her. "Damian."

Marinette and the MPS stifled their laughter as they knew what was going to come.

"Now get off me I have a girlfriend."

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