#1 Taken down by lies

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I am aware that it is a very bad chapter name also if you want to add more punishments for them feel free to do so

Marinette POV:

I entered class quietly to see Alya, Ivan, Alix and others ripping up my sketchbook. Agreste was sitting at the side, doing nothing. Lie-la was busy crying her crocodile tears. I got my phone out and started recording silently while texting Chloe and Luka. Yes I said Chloe. She has been my best friend since 2 years ago. When Lie-la started all of this.


"Marinette! How could you bully Lila? Calling her a liar is one thing but bullying her is too much!" Alya yelled the minute I stepped into class. "I can't believe I called you my best friend! From now on, we're no longer friends! You're a bully! All you care about is yourself! Why do you do all these horrible things? Is it for attention?!"

Lie-la fake sobbed, "A-Alya, d-don't get s-so worked up. I'm s-sure she didn't m-mean to. I d-don't know w-why she hates me so m-much! B-Besides, everyone deserves a s-second chance a-after all!" She cried into Alya's shoulder.

"Girl, you're too good for this world. But she went too far, we can't let her go unpunished!" Similiar glares were thrown at me when I looked around the classroom. I sank into my seat and Alya shouted, "No you don't! Only my best friend sits next to me! And you're not her, Mari-trash! Your seat is at the back! There!" She pointed to the seat far behind before shoving me off and guiding Lie-la there.

"T-Thank you, A-Alya!" The liar sobbed. Chloe then stood up. "Honestly! Do you really think Dupain-Cheng would do something like this? I don't like her, but even I can tell that this isn't true! Most of you have been her friends since childhood and has she ever done any of these before Rossi came? NO! She hasn't! For someone who claims to be a reporter, you don't even fact-check! You should be ashamed! All of you! Ridiculous, UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!"

They pondered over that.

"Marinette's jealous of Lila and her connections and Adrien!" Alya defended.

Chloe snorted, "Dupain-Cheng? Jealous? Yeah right."

She picked up her things and stormed to the back to sit with me. "Look Dupa- Marinette, I know I haven't been nice to you and I've been a total jerk but that was because I was jealous." I was surprised. "Jealous? Why would you be jealous of me?"

"Well, you have a loving family that actually cares about you, you have true friends, a-and you're nice to everyone and everyone loves you! Why wouldn't I be jealous of you?" I never knew Chloe wanted that so I gave her a hug.

"OH! Before I forget!" She turned around and got a thick file out from her really big bag. She opened the file, got out a book and said, "Marinette, this is everything I've ever done or destroyed that belongs to you. I wrote it myself." Then she gave me an envelope. "This is all the money I owe you for your things." Finally, she gave me a letter.

"This is my apology letter to you. Dear Marinette, I'm truly sorry for what I have done to you in the past. I'm trying to change, and I promise I'll make it up to you. I realise now what I did was wrong and I apologise. You don't have to forgive me if you don't want to, but I'm hoping that you will. I really shouldn't have done those things to you because of jealousy and I'm very sorry." She looked down sadly.

"Chloe, I forgive you." She lit up and said, "Friends?" "No." She looked sad. "Best friends!" She squealed and jumped up and down. "Yay! Later can we have a sleepover? We'll have a girls' night! To celebrate us being best friends! We'll paint out nails! And watch movies! And spend it at my Daddy's hotel! Yay! Wait, I'm rambling again! Not again!"

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