#4 Destiny is not set in stone (pt 4)

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"Ladybug! Chat Noir! Give me your miraculous!"

The familiar shout of an akuma caught the attention of everyone.

"Who's Ladybug and Chat No-"

Apple White hadn't finished her sentence when the mentioned superheroes arrived at the scene.

The EAH students watched in awe as the akuma was quickly defeated.


"They're so cool!"


The list goes on.

Ladybug and Chat Noir quickly gained respect from the EAH students.

Milton Grimm and Snow White, upon seeing their dynamics, did some research on the heroes.


They started to believe that the heroes were "fated partners" and found a golden opportunity to promote the destiny ideology on Earth.

By encouraging Ladybug and Chat Noir to believe that since they're "fated partners" shows that they're lovers.


Unfortunately, Chat Noir bought the act.

Fortunately Ladybug didn't because hey she's Marinette the only smart girl with common sense. 

However, all the Royals also start believing that LadyNoir should become a thing.

So they take every opportunity they can to try to pressure Ladybug into accepting that Chat Noir is her "destined lover" and that they were "soulmates".

And to make matters worse, Ms Bustier and Chat Noir try to make her accept that they're "fated to be together".

Of course, this just adds more pressure and frustration onto Ladybug, making her akuma fights even harder.

And Chat Noir just shows up to flirt with her, convince her that they're destined to be together, the usual.

Yeah, life for Marinette was just going great. 

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