Bells (Marina)

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After attending a firefighter's funeral with Maya, the bells haunt Carina's nightmares. AKA I cry at Ripley's funeral episode every dam time and this is the result.

Carina tosses and turns in her sleep. The bells keep ringing in her head. Ding ding ding. She attended a firefighter's funeral with Maya today. The firefighter was killed in a gas line explosion. Today was when she learned what the bells mean. The noise of the bells has been ringing in her head ever since. 

In her nightmare, it's Maya. Maya is in the coffin covered by the flag. Maya whose helmet and turnouts are on display. Maya for whom the bells toll. Carina awakens with a gasp. She glances around frantically, her heart racing. It calms slightly when she finds her wife, still asleep beside her. Carina strokes the blonde hair out of Maya's face. The blonde groans, wrapping an arm around Carina's waist. 

It takes a few hours, but Carina is able to fall back asleep. It is a restless sleep, however. Even with Maya safe and sound beside her, the bells ring in Carina's head repeatedly. Carina just prays they will stop. 


Carina keeps the nightmare to herself. She doesn't want her wife worrying about her. She tells herself it was only one nightmare. She'll be fine. But the next night, the nightmare reoccurs. Only Maya is on shift this time and Carina is left alone in their bed, sobbing. She can't lose Maya. Maya is the only family she has left. 

When Maya gets home in the morning, she can tell something is wrong with Carina, but Carina shrugs it off. She insists she's just tired. Maya just lets it go, knowing Carina will talk when she is ready. The fire captain is still worried, but pushing Carina to talk only makes everything worse, so she tries to distract herself by getting coffee with Andy. 

After coffee, she comes home to find Carina asleep on the sofa. Smiling, Maya covers her with a blanket. The blonde then goes to change into gym clothes. A run will do her good. She is just starting up the treadmill when she hears Carina scream. She rushes to her wife's side and finds her thrashing on the sofa. Maya pulls her into her arms, shushing her gently. 

"Carina, wake up, love. You're having a bad dream," Maya soothes, "Open your eyes".

Carina's eye flies open. She gasps for air, sobbing. Maya just holds her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. The blonde is beyond worried. Carina rarely has nightmares this bad. It takes a while, but Carina eventually calms down. 

"Hey. Want to talk about it? That was a bad one," Maya asks, kissing Carina's sweaty forehead.

"I've been having nightmares since the funeral. I.. the bells won't stop ringing. They won't stop ringing in my head and this time they are for you," Carina whimpers, "I keep having a nightmare that you die. You can't die on me, bambina,"

"Oh, baby. Why didn't you talk to me?" Maya sighs.

"I didn't want to worry you," Carina admits.

"Worrying about you is my job. You're my wife. And I promise I will always do everything I can to come back home to you at the end of every single shift," Maya states.

"Promise?" Carina asks.

"I promise," Maya replies, kissing her wife's head, "How about we change into pajamas and watch one of those stupid movies you like? The rom-coms. I still don't know how you like those,"

"They aren't stupido, Maya," Carina humphs.

"Whatever you say, love, whatever you say." 

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