Nightmare (Hizzie)

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Lizzie wakes Hope up in the middle of the night after she has a nightmare. Hope comforts her. 

Lizzie gasps and sits bolt upright in her bed. Tears stream down her cheeks. The tall blonde has just had a nightmare that her girlfriend, Hope, died in her arms. She knows it's ridiculous. Hope knows how to defend herself and even if she were to die, she would come back as a fully fledged tribrid (A/N: Hope isn't a fully fledged tribrid in this one shot). However, the blonde can't get the image of the auburn haired girl laying dead in her arms. 

Not wanting to wake her twin sister, Josie, and desperately needing the comfort of her girlfriend's arms, Lizzie gets out of bed. Slipping on her white fluffy slippers, she sneaks out of her room and heads to Hope's. She knocks on the door. Hope is a light sleeper, so the sound wakes her. Yawning, the auburn haired girl opens the door to reveal her tearful girlfriend.

"Liz, are you okay? It's two in the morning," Hope questions.

"I'm sorry to wake you. I just had a really bad dream," Lizzie sobs.

"Oh sweetie. Come cuddle with me in bed," Hope replies.

Lizzie enters the room. Hope locks the door behind them. The pair head to Hope's bed where Hope lays down and opens her arms for Lizzie. Lizzie lays beside her and buries her head in Hope's chest. She isn't sobbing anymore, just quietly whimpering. Hope strokes Lizzie's blonde locks as she whispers sweet nothings into her ear. Soon Lizzie's whimpers cease. 

"Do you want to tell me what your bad dream was about, love?" Hope asks, adjusting the blanket so that it covers both of them.

"You got hurt by a monster and you died in my arms," Lizzie whimpers. 

"Oh Liz. I love you too much to leave you. Besides, if something were to happen to me I would come back. Perks of being a tribrid," Hope replies.

"I just don't ever want to lose you. You're it for me, Hope," Lizzie whispers.

"You're it for me too, and you won't ever lose me. I love you so much, Liz," Hope promise, kissing Lizzie's head.

"I love you too," Lizzie yawns. 

"Try to get some sleep, alright?" Hope tells the blonde. 

"Okay. Night Hopey," Lizzie nods.

"Goodnight, my love," Hope replies.

Hope watches, crystal blue eyes full of love, as Lizzie drifts off in her arms. As Lizzie falls asleep, she thanks her lucky stars that she has someone as loving and understanding as Hope in her life. The blonde vows to never let Hope go. Once Lizzie is asleep, Hope allows herself to drift off, mind full of hopes for her future with Lizzie, the love of her life. 

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