Soulmate AU (Hizzie)

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Everyone is born with a grey dot on their wrist. When you kiss your soulmate, it turns the color of their eyes.

Hope fiddles with her hands anxiously. She is standing outside the Saltzman's twins room, about to knock. The tribrid is planning to ask Lizzie out and confess her feelings for the blonde. She's felt this way for a long time, but has been too scared to act, but today is the day she will ask Lizzie Salesman out on a date.

Taking a deep breathe, the auburn haired girl knocks on the door. She waits for what seems like forever, but in reality is only a few seconds, before the door swings open to reveal Lizzie. Lizzie smiles widely at Hope, having also had a crush on the tribrid for awhile.

"Hi Hope. Come on it. Jo's out with Penelope," Lizzie greets, stepping aside so Hope can enter the room.

Lizzie closes the door behind them, and they take a seat on Lizzie's bed, facing each other. Hope can't help but blush as Lizzie's blue eyes meet her own. The tribrid takes another deep breathe before taking both of Lizzie's hands in hers. A spark goes through each of them.

"Lizzie, I came here because I wanted to ask you something," Hope explains.

"Okay. Go for it," Lizzie nods, butterflies in her stomach.

"Okay, so I've liked you forever now, and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me," Hope asks.

Lizzie answers her by cupping her face in her hands and kissing her passionately. Hope is shocked at first, but soon kisses the blonde back, tangling her hands in Lizzie's hair. Lizzie giggles as the tribrid gently pins her down on the bed. Hope breaks the kiss and rests their foreheads together.

"I'll take that as a yes," Hope chuckles.

"Yes. I'll go out with you. For now, can we cuddle though?" Lizzie begs, giving Hope her very best puppy dog eyes.

"Of course," Hope agrees.

Hope lays on her back and opens her arms for Lizzie, who cuddles into her, head on her chest. Lizzie plays with the tribrid's fingers, and her heart nearly stops in her chest when she realizes Hope's soulmate mark has turned the exact color of Lizzie's eyes. She sits up, causing Hope to sit up as well, worried she has done something to upset Lizzie.

"What is it, Liz?" Hope questions.

"Look at your mark," Lizzie replies.

Hope does as Lizzie says, and gasps when she notices her soul mark is no longer grey, but ocean blue, just like the blonde's eyes. The tribrid grabs Lizzie's wrist and inspects her mark, which is now the same color blue at Hope's eyes. The girls smile at each other widely.

"So I guess you're my soulmate, huh?" Hope smiles.

"Yeah, and you're mine," Lizzie nods, beaming right back at the tribrid.

Hope kisses Lizzie's forehead and lays down again, pulling the blonde into her arms. The blonde snuggles into her soulmate, her heart full of love and hope for their future together, and Hope thanks the universe for giving her Lizzie for a soulmate.

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