I Thought You Were Dead (Maya and Carina)

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Loosely based on the Station 19/Grey's 5x05 promo: An earthquake hits Seattle, causing major damage. The cell towers are down and Carina is unable to reach Maya. Carina panics. 

Carina is in the middle of completing one of her patient's charts when the hospital starts shaking violently. Cries of "earthquake" are heard, so the Italian takes cover under her desk. Her thoughts go immediately to Maya. She knows her wife will be called out to help after the earthquake is over. Obviously, Carina is worried. This isn't your average everyday fire, which she knows Maya can handle with no problem, this is a massive earthquake. 

After what seems like forever but in reality is only a few terrifying minutes, the ground stops shaking. The doctors and nurses all emerge from beneath various pieces of furniture and go to check on patients. All but Carina and Miranda Bailey, who's husband works at the same fire station as Maya. They lock eyes and each can tell how worried the other is about their respective spouse, but know they must continue working regardless of their fears. So, the pair rush to the ER and begin preparing for the flood of incoming traumas that are bound to start arriving as a result of the earthquake. 

Carina lets herself get lost in her work, focussing on the multiple pregnant women that come in. Most have minor injuries, but one was on her way to the hospital when the earthquake hit, already in labor. The patient ends up giving birth to a healthy, plump baby girl. Carina excuses herself from the room, allowing the patient and her husband some privacy. She hears a familiar voice calling her as exits the room. It's Andy, Maya's best friend. (A/N: Andy still works at Station 19 in this one shot)

"Andy! Are you alright?" Carina questions.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Just a minor cut," Andy replies.

"Good. Have you seen Maya? I haven't heard from her since the earthquake," Carina asks.

"I last saw her going into a semi collapsed building," Andy states.

Just then, an aftershock hits. It is not as strong as the original earthquake, but is enough to cause Andy and Carina to stumble. It is over quickly, but both women know how dangerous aftershocks can be to first responders, including Maya.

"Hey. Don't go there. It's Maya. She'll be fine," Andy assures Carina as she sees the Italian's brown eyes fill with panic. 

"I hope so," Carina sighs. 

It's been hours and the sky has grown dark. All the other members of Station 19 have arrived at the hospital but Maya. They all got separated during their search and rescue efforts. Ben grimly tells Carina that search and rescue has stopped for the day.  No one says it, but everyone is thinking that the odds of Maya being alive are slim. 

Carina collapses into a chair at that news. She knows the odds are bad. She knows her beloved, kind, badass wife may very likely be dead, buried under the rubble. This causes her to break down into tears. Maya's coworkers watch sadly. They know there is nothing they can do and just hope that somehow, Maya made it out alive.

Suddenly, Maya comes walking into the hospital. She got stuck under some rubble, but managed to escape. Her arm is broken, but other than that, she is alright. It took her hours to walk this far as most of the roads are unusable. The fire fighter spots her sobbing wife and her coworkers/friends and heads straight towards them.

"Carina," Maya calls. 

Carina looks up, and gasps. Maya is alive, and form the looks of it, is alright. The Italian throws herself into Maya's arms. Maya catches her with her good arm, whispering words of comfort into Carina's hair. Carina's sobs soon cease as she listens to her wife's heartbeat, which soothes her. 

"I thought you were dead. We all thought you were dead," Carina mumbles.

"Oh baby. I got stuck under the rubble. I got out and headed straight here. The roads are unusable which is why it took me so long. My arm's broken, but other than that I'm alright," Maya soothes.

"Don't you ever do that to me again," Carina replies, refusing to let go of her wife.

"I'll try not to, love, I'll try not too," 

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