Warm Me Up (Sanvers)

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The heater breaks, so Alex and Maggie cuddle up to stay warm. Contains slight cursing.

"Fuck," Maggie curses from the living room. 

It is the dead of winter in National City and she has been attempting to fix the heater all day. It decided to break this morning out of the blue. Maggie, being the stubborn person that she is, took it upon herself to fix it before Alex comes home from work. Needless to say, Maggie is a police detective, not a mechanic, so even though she is quite smart, it isn't going very well at all. 

Alex opens the door after work to find her wife cursing at their heater. She can't help but smirk at this. She told Maggie that she would call the repair person on her break and to not waste her day off trying to fix the heater, but Alex had a feeling the strong willed brunette wouldn't listen. Sure enough, here Maggie is, cursing at an appliance.

"Didn't I tell you to not bother? I called the repair person and they will be here tomorrow morning at seven am," Alex sighs as she locks the door.

 "I will not be shown up by a stupid heater, Danvers," Maggie replies.

"Okay, babe. I'm going to grab a quick shower. The water's going to be cold, so when I get out, I expect you to be on the couch ready for some snuggles to warm me up," Alex tells Maggie.

The promise of cuddles gets Maggie to put away her tools and rush into the bedroom. Alex chuckles at this before stepping into the bathroom for a lightning fast shower. Maggie changes into a pair of fuzzy pajama pants with the Supergirl logo on them that Kara got her last Christmas as well as one of Alex's oversized grey hoodies. 

She waits on the couch for Alex, who quickly joins her. Maggie smiles as Alex snuggles into her side. The detective wraps an arm around her wife, pulling the couch blanket over the pair of them. They sit in content silence just enjoying each other's company. Suddenly, the heater starts working again. 

"You have to be fucking kidding me," Maggie grumbles.

Alex just chuckles, and snuggles further into Maggie. Maggie pouts for a while, but soon finds herself relaxing into Alex, happy that the heater is working once more, and even more happy that she has Alex to keep her warm. 

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