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"My heart, Oh how wild she loves." STARTED : 17TH MAY 2022 FINISHED : TBA
Shelby and Toni by streamthewildss
Shelby and Toniby streamthewilds!
Shelby and Toni are best friends, as well as the other girls, and they all attend the same high school. Shelby is presumably straight and with Andrew, while Toni is out...
gold rush [the wilds, toni shalifoe] by hoechlin72
gold rush [the wilds, toni k ✨
Stranded on an island with 9 other girls wasn't how Hunter expected her weekend to go. She'd been promised a luxurious wellness retreat, while her brother was off on his...
GirlxGirl Imagines by lovelygaypoison
GirlxGirl Imaginesby lovelygaypoison
Fem! Reader and various female characters. Includes characters from: -The 100 -Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 -Arrowverse -Wynonna Earp And many more!
Castaways. -Kirin O'Connor by Jayxwrts
Castaways. -Kirin O'Connorby Jay🤎
"You know that question people would always ask you? 'If you were stuck on an island, who would you want to take with you?' I never really knew the answer to that...
God Does Not Do Ugly - The Wilds by babysbreathboy
God Does Not Do Ugly - The Wildsby Catherine
Addison Riley is a southern bell, beloved by her church and school alike. Under the surface, however, she hides one dark secret after another. After ending up stranded o...
imagines i wished existed by karson12345
imagines i wished existedby karson12345
gxg kinda imagines idk what's here
Suffocating // Toni Shalifoe by bianca_0900
Suffocating // Toni Shalifoeby bianca
"I'm dying. All these secrets and lies are slowly suffocating me." Grace Hart is suddenly torn away from her old fairytale life, stranded on a deserted island...
𝐓𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐋, kirin o'connor (the wilds) by maggieewritez
𝐓𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐋, kirin o'connor (the 𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒈𝒊𝒆
Rory Castle is a fighter, but being deserted on an island manages to finally break her. ❧ the wilds season two - ?? kirin o'connor x fem!oc started: 16th May 2022 comple...
hope - toni shalifoe, the wilds by leniixx3
hope - toni shalifoe, the wildsby leniixx3
Jade lives in large family, she is 16 and the second oldest of six siblings, she has a lot of freedom, her parents pay maximum attention to the youngest members and forg...
We are in Hell, again | THE WILDS by Humey__
We are in Hell, again | THE WILDSby Humey
The group realise that they have to survive on another deserted island, and not everyone is getting along. Kirin fights with Toni and storms off. Whilst away from the ot...
as unsinkable as i can be // the wilds by em_allison9
as unsinkable as i can be // the em
the unsinkable eight has now become the unsinkable nine, and raelynn jones is mixed about how she feels about her unplanned "break" from reality. but when toni...
The Wilds: Stage 3 by J_kum_Clexakru
The Wilds: Stage 3by J
This is for everyone who needed a season 3 of The Wilds. Here you go, I made one of you. I'm not going to spoil anything with revealing tags because the actual show does...
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Broken Coastline » Leah Rilke by Splendid_Seavey_
Broken Coastline » Leah Rilkeby yeahhhok
Keeping to herself, Parker Hendricks partook in the arts and was far from noticed at her large school in Grand Rapids, MI. Yes she happened to keep to herself to perfect...
The Wilds x Imagines by cabral_6
The Wilds x Imaginesby cabral_6
Imagine surviving a plane crash only to find yourself and 8 other women stranded on an island in the middle of no where. - Reader x Characters from the wilds - Feel fre...
The Wilds / Season 3 / LEATIN centered  by thewildscorner
The Wilds / Season 3 / LEATIN sho
Since the wilds got cancelled i decided to write out what I think would've been the outcome of LEATIN :') This takes place immediately after the events from S2 (keep in...
Why are we friends by ktrain_1234
Why are we friendsby ktrain_1234
All the girls are friends coming from the same high school. Toni and Shelby although, completely different people have to get along because they have the same friends. T...